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King’s Orders historical strategy seeks interest

king’s orders historical strategy seeks interest for linux and mac support with windows pc

King’s Orders historical strategy seeks interest for Linux and Mac support with Windows PC. According to details from developer AFTERLIFE. A unique game due to make its way onto Steam.

King’s Orders is a game offering a unique take on the strategy genre. Unlike many other titles where you manage your armies in real-time. Then you see instant results of your actions. Here you’ll also be communicating with your troops. Doing so by sending messengers with letters. This means waiting for messages to be delivered. Then dealing with the fact they may never reach their destination. As a result, you will build your whole ruling plan on reports and feedback that might be outdated.

However, that plan already includes Windows PC. And since we have a few strategy fans in the community. According to the King’s Orders Discussions post on Steam, Linux and Mac support is based on interest.

If the game will receive a positive feedback. And there are going to be many people interested in MAC or Linux version. Then yes, there is a chance. But it’s still a scenario that we will probably consider only after the release.

While this is not a full out confirmation. The unique take on historical events may just capture your interest. This also means having to show further interest in the Discussions post. Yes, that means Tux Love or your +1.

King’s Orders – Announcement Trailer

King’s Orders gameplay will have you become a medieval ruler. All while you manage armies and cities on the map of Europe. Claim new territories, expand influences, and replay unique scenarios. Since you are taking part in famous events of the time. Such as the Hundred Years’ War, the Battle of Grunwald, or the Wars of the Roses. Re-enact historical goings-on and see how you can change the course of history. Create a dominating empire that shall last for centuries!

Main Features:

  • A simplified historical strategy game with a twist. Rule your kingdom, give orders by sending letters to your generals. Since King’s Orders decisions are based on the reports you receive.
  • Real medieval war scenarios. From the Hundred Years’ War, through the Battle of Grunwald, and to the Wars of the Roses.
  • The grand campaign allowing you to become the ruler of any medieval kingdom of Europe.
  • Magnified realism and a deeper level of immersion. Deal with the lack of battle preview in real-time and the fact that messengers with your orders might never reach their destination.
  • Loyalty and morale system that impacts gameplay. Monitor your generals’ attitude as they will help you stifle potential rebellion. This might occur in King’s Orders if you keep making unpopular decisions.
  • Kingdom economy to be handled. Gold gained will give you various opportunities. Will you train more troops or focus on fortifying? You decide what kind of ruler you are and how you’re going to manage your realm.

Add King’s Orders historical strategy to your Wishlist on Steam. The release date is still TBD. Due to arrive on Windows PC, hopefully, Linux and Mac too.