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Kingshunt multiplayer action and support

kingshunt multiplayer action and support in linux windows games

Kingshunt multiplayer action games coming with support for Linux and Windows. All thanks to Vaki Games. Who also released the first gameplay teaser trailer. And the so far looks like a solid hack and slash.

The Kingshunt trailer shows tower defense and minion commands. Which also includes PvP player action. Not to bad since the games uses the power of SpatialOS. While providing online multiplayer battles at a colossal scale.

Linux Support:

“We are using Unreal Engine 4 Game engine plus SpatialOS.

Yes Kingshunt will run on Linux also. I don’t have a timeline for that but my engineers are heavy Linux Fans.”

Since the release is a ways off yet. It’s all about the trailer. Giving a quick look at gameplay. But not much in the ways of perks or upgrades. But so far, graphically the game looks good.
So there are multiple 5 vs 5 matches. All taking place at the same time. Within the same map. Running across a single server that can host 100 or more players.

Kingshunt Pre-alpha Gameplay Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

Kingshunt is a 3rd person online multiplayer. With some vivid action. Which combines the genres of tower defence.
Also real time strategy mixed with hack and slash. One team defends the base with towers you build. While the other team attacks with minions you control. Players can also be heroes. As well as monsters, all within a medieval setting.


  • Unique hero classes with special abilities. Since every character has unique abilities. Allowing the player to attack and defend. All using a way that plays to an individual player’s style. Both in your own strategy and strengths.
  • Massive Multiplayer Asymmetrical Hack and Slash
  • Epic fantasy battles on several arenas in Kingshunt. Multiple arenas, fighting at the same time in one big war.
  • Dynamic tower defense and summoner elements. One team must defend their base and build towers. While the other attack with a legion of minions.

This is the earliest stage of Kingshunt. Testing where players can give their feedback. Both basic game mechanics. As well as including PvP and tower placement. Including balance as well as art direction.
Vaki will be listening very closely on Discord. As well as their forums and other social networks. Sign up for closed tests (Windows).

Kingshunt multiplayer action will release in 2020. No specific release is available yet. But the games coming with support for Linux and Windows. Make sure to sign up for closed testing.

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