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Kitaru Update and In-Game Sneak Peek

As we head into 2013 with a myriad of changes that will bring Linux gaming further into the mainstream. Game companies are starting to rally up and bring forth Betas, show off gameplay, and even early opportunities to play their game with an active crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

On the other side of gaming, a prominent studio, Aoineko are hard at work with their up and coming title, Kitaru. And after having received a recent email reply, it looks like the game itself is coming along much better than expected, literally.

The Aoineko team is hard at work but we still have not reached our beta testing phase. We ended up adding a lot more levels than previously thought, so even though the wait is a little longer, the over all graphics, game time, and artwork are coming along better than we could’ve hope for.

Seems to be a rare quality to hear such prominent news. Kitaru is one such project we have been keeping a keen eye on. Not only that, but the staff at Aoineko are rather tight-lipped about game development progress. So much so that it took some time before receiving an email reply bestowing highlights and any suggested predictions.
This is a positive sign. A game company taking more time than expected to release their title and completely devoted to keeping their audience engrosed in gameplay.

Here is some of the most recent gameplay footage:

What is Kitaru?

Kitaru is an all engrossing RPG that was brought to life by just under 1400 supporters and $35,758 raised on Kickstarter. Currently in production by a game dev-army (Ben Steele and Aoineko Studios) from Phoenix, Arizona. Kitaru is title that will redefine the level of experience capable in gaming. Mixing a reverence for RPG classics with a post modern storytelling approach and an innovative method to gaming. This will be a whole new experience.

Sound entising? Check out the screenshots and artwork HERE.

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