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Klabater sale gives players big discounts on Steam

klabater sale gives players big discounts on steam games for linux mac windows pc

Klabater sale gives players big discounts on Steam games for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the efforts of publisher Klabater. Offering players a chance to save on their Steam catalogue.

Klabater are inviting players to delve into their treasure chest of modern indie gems. Doing so until May 12th with discounts across the entire catalog on Steam. While you construct intricate space stations on the fringes of the galaxy in While you build a space station. In Heliborne Collection you can fly some amazing helicopters, just to name a few. Since There’s a game (and bargain) for every indie lovers’ library, with games up to 90% off.

We. The Revolution is a unique game published by Klabater with a singular art style. All taking place in the blood soaked and paranoid world of the French Revolution. Where you cannot tell a friend from an enemy. is a strategic space station building game. One where you can focus on making your station yield the biggest profit in the most efficient way possible. Or redesign your station to perfection in a full 3D view. While taking advantage of the amazing visuals provided by Unreal Engine 4. Create an architectural wonder in zero gravity. Look at your creation in a 360 degrees view. Then zoom in and out to marvel at its beauty. Doing so in the games brilliant art style with an endless game sky.

Klabater offers other games on sale

Help Will Come Tomorrow a group of passengers survives the mysterious catastrophe of Trans-Siberian railway train. They must endure in a harsh ice-clad climate until rescue arrives. Facing many dangers, their own weaknesses and, above all, their own prejudice.

From Shadows is an interesting action game published by Klabater. Gameplay blends the style of fast-paced platformers and beat’em ups. The menacing gothic atmosphere and foreboding music build tension. All while the hand-drawn graphics give shape to unimaginable horrors straight from hell.

In Heliborne Collection you will fly some of the best helicopters in the world. Right from the classic machines of the 1950s to the modern gunships of the 21st century

Klabater sale invites players to take advantage of some big discounts. Including support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Check it out for yourself on Steam.

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