Klei Publisher Sale Weekend on Steam for Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC


As if there is not enough gaming to do this #weekend with the Steam Machine Launch Sale, which will be going until Monday 10AM PST. A heap of great #games nicely #discounted, and a great time for Linux gamers to catch up on the titles ported to the platform within the last year. But if that is not enough, Klei Entertainment is celebrating their 10th anniversary by making most of their catalogue free on Steam for the weekend.

Klei Entertainment is one of the studios that chose to support Linux years ago, along with the help of the Humble team. Porting their games for users and all the titles developed ever since. This speaks volumes for the studio as their dedication to maintain multi-platform support gives the catalogue more viability in the market place. Something other developers are starting to catch onto now.

Of course this certainly includes their most recent release, a turn-based, cyberpunk, stealth title, called Invisible, Inc., originally released back in mid-May. That title has just seen its first expansion Contingency Plan this week. Which gives the tactical infiltration more content, boasting some nail-biting procedural scenarios and an exquisite balance, making the release very playable. And Klei seems to have a knack for keeping players engaged, going as far back as the early Shank games, Mark of the Ninja and the more recent Don’t Starve Together.

The discounted games include Invisible, Inc. + Contingency Plan Bundle, Don’t Starve MEGA PACK, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition, Eets Munchies, Shank, and Shank 2. Most of these titles also come with big DLC packages, expanding the collection quite a lot.

There is also the Klei Weekend Bundle that includes many of the games listed above, or just buy each one separately. With one or two exceptions, most games have at least a 75% discount.

The promotion for the Klei Entertainment catalog will last until November 16th and all title have Linux and SteamOS support, which are free to play until then.


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