Knight Squad surpasses one Million Downloads for Linux, Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One


Since Knight Squad’s launch on November 16, #players have spent quite a bit of time kicking large stone soccer balls, chasing their #friends with laser guns, trampling anything in their way atop speeding horses, and swearing profusely as one lone arrow ended their Juggernaut streak.

This week, the #multiplayer hit surpassed one million downloads on Steam and Xbox One combined, and Chainsawesome Games would like to thank everyone who partied with Knight Squad so far. With more 3 million games played and over 77 million knights sent to their deaths, Knight Squad has quickly become the best way to dive back into classic top-down arena madness. It’s also the only way we can think of to find out how drill versus lightning staff would go down.

But the fun is just beginning! Knight Squad is out now on Steam with a 33% discount for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So gather up to seven friends, pick your knight, and prepare to battle it out I’ll-never-talk-to-you-again-style across nine different games modes.


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