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Knights Within shooter will test your fate

knights within 1-3 player third person shooter game is coming to linux offering a windows pc demo

Knights Within 1-3 player third person shooter game is coming to Linux offering a Windows PC Demo. Thanks to the skilled crew at Indecision Labs for their work offering support. Coming to Steam Early Access.

So, I just caught wind of a fresh title from Developer Indecision Labs, called Knights Within. The third person shooter is due to hit Early Access, where it will remain for about a year.

The Knights Within gameplay will mix medieval knights with sci-fi. As knights from the past fight it out with high-tech futuristic gear. We’re talking about a clash of swords and blasters, all in a setting that spans different eras. Having players bring together the classic allure of knights and medieval orders with the grit of projectile weapons. Plus it’s also going to evolve into a native build.

Yes Linux version is on the roadmap but the timeline is TBD for finalization.

Great news from the developers at Indecision Labs. They’re crafting Knights Within using Unreal Engine 5. Good news for Linux users too – you’ll be able to jump in using Proton until the native build releases. The timeline for the native build isn’t clear yet, but it’ll depend on how things go with the Early Access phase.

Knights Within – Steam Next Fest Demo Trailer

Now, let’s talk about what makes this title stand out. It’s all about skill. Since your moves, your strategy – that’s what counts. It’s takeing the best parts of “Vermintide,” “Helldivers,” and “Risk of Rain” all rolled into one. While adding an extra punch of adrenaline.

The playground you get to explore is massive. There are these huge, open-style maps that change every time you play. Right now, there are two major types of settings to dive into. And the Knights Within combat? It’s deep and tactical. Even if luck isn’t on your side, your quick thinking and skills can turn the tide of the game.

For those who like playing with friends, you can team up with two others, and they’re working on adding a fourth player option. There are two game modes – one’s mission-based survival and the other’s due to be an endless challenge that gets tougher as you go. Customization is impressive, with over 65 gear options and more than 70 in-mission tweaks that can affect both you and your enemies.

The Knights Within enemy variety keeps things fresh, including a boss that changes every time you face it. Plus, there’s a whole progression system with levelling, unlocks, and achievements.

And you can try Knights Within Demo right now. It’s part of the Steam Next Fest, taking place until February 12th, 2024. They’re planning to launch in Steam Early Access later this year, so keep an eye out.
Bottom line – if you’re into a blend of old-school and modern, with a focus on skill over luck, this is one to watch. Due to make its way onto Linux and Windows PC. But the third person shooter Demo is currently playable via Proton.

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