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Knock Knock asks, Can you Survive

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While living alone in the woods must come with its own set of problems, it must be doubly difficult when strangers are constantly looking for ways to sneak into your house. Such is the premise in Knock Knock, a new game from Russian development studio Ice-Pick Lodge Game Development.

Knock Knock follows a hermit-like protagonist called The Lodger, who lives in the middle of the woods and engages in deadly games of hide-and-seek with supernatural home invaders. These uninvited creatures, who emerge from the forest and descend upon the hermit’s home every night, sneak in through open windows and cracks in the walls. While running around and fixing these breaches, The Lodger must evade these uninvited guests until the sanctuary of sunrise arrives.

There is randomized item generation in each play session of Knock Knock, and The Lodger only has five item slots with which to equip found goods. On top of that, these creatures are always aware of The Lodger’s position, so finding some closet and hiding until dawn is not an option. The Lodger must always be on the move.

Ice-Pick plans to launch Knock Knock on the Linux, Mac, and PC, though a launch window has yet to be determined.

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