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K’NOSSOS a point and click hits Kickstarter

k’nossos point and click hits kickstarter on windows no linux games

Svarun Entertainment has just released a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. This is for their science fiction point-and-click-adventure K’NOSSOS on Windows. Since the crowdfunding campaign will run until November 23rd. Also the campaign has an initial funding goal of £8,000. Which sounds reasonable.

K’NOSSOS Kickstarter Pitch Video:

So what about Linux?

k’nossos point and click hits kickstarter on for linux and games
This may be well and good, but paroozing the Stretch goals is interesting. Since Linux is not mentioned in any of the tiers up to £40,000. Which itself does not have details. And that tier is outlining as a “To be revealed” stretch goal.
So we have no native support and some crazy crowdfunding goal?

According to the email from Svarun Entertainment :

“Currently a port to Linux is not on our development timetable. Although we haven’t tested it, our expectation is that K’NOSSOS should run on Linux using a suitable emulator.

The bottom line for us will always be commercial viability. Even though we are an indie house we nonetheless have professional standards regarding the support of our products. And unless we have a Linux market large enough to enable us to support the platform properly. We won’t build for that platform.”

Svarun Entertainment kicks off their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in an odd manner. Since this is all about support and appealing to the gaming community. Yet as a small studio, there are always some limitations. But the reply via email seems contrary to the games outline in the Kickstarter FAQ.

K’NOSSOS is a cold surreal adventure game. The games about a man travelling the unknown reaches of the cosmos. And the things he uncovers on his journey. Gameplay of K’NOSSOS is reminiscent of the point-and-click adventure game classics. Such as The Dig, Beneath a Steal Sky or Chronomaster. Also the more recent titles such as Primordia. The game puts equal emphasis on characterization. Yet including atmosphere and storytelling on the one hand. With problem solving and challenging puzzles on the other. K’NOSSOS is developed with PC version being the main objective of the team at this point.

K’NOSSOS Features:

  • classic point-and-click interface,
  • abstract 2D expressionist style reminiscent of the art of Wassily Kandinsky,
  • intricate dark sci fi storyline,
  • non-linear gameplay, and
  • cross-genre experimental soundtrack.

K’NOSSOS point and click is available now on Kickstarter. So the game crowdfunding campaign does have an Demo. Yet the games headed to Windows. While the Linux port is still unknown at this time.

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