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Koi Unleashed action RPG releases in feudal Japan

koi unleashed action rpg game releases into feudal japan linux windows pc

Koi Unleashed action RPG game releaes feudal Japan onto Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Wild Grip. The game is unique in that it is inspired by Japanese folklore. Available with a discount on Steam.

Koi Unleashed is action RPG with party based combat. Which you will also play in an isometric view. Presenting a more anime style of movement mechanic. Where you join a group of adventurers as a result of their ship lands on an unknown world. Where colorful carp fishes (Koi) are revered. There are mysterious creatures ruling the land. While the legend of an unsettled Dragon causes constant dismay.

From the Steam release announcement:

I’ve worked hard to give you the best experience possible. With many accessibility options and a stable Koi Unleashed game.

However, I will keep working on the game: more language translations, new content and adjustments based on your feedback.

Koi Unleashed Trailer


  • Character Customization: Play as up to six different heroes. Since ech with their own unique abilities and specific roles (Tank, Healer, Damage dealer).
  • Cultured lore: Experience the Koi Unleashed epic story. Taking inspiration by folklore of feudal Japan age.
  • Party-based combat: Fight along with a party of up to 4 characters. Above all, command them to victory! Combat plays in real time but you set your own pace with the pause system.
  • Boss fights: “Boss Rush” type of game where you fight powerful enemies, with different phases, where each phase feels unique and complex fights require tactics.
  • Character development: Character progression allows you to upgrade your stats and abilities. Such as those of your guild, enhancing your weapons and spells.
  • Guild management: Experience the dynamics of a party. Guild interactions play a big part on the gameplay experience and will have a direct impact on combat.
  • Dynamic controls: Whether you like to play Koi Unleashed on your PC, on the couch or laptop the game will allow you to choose the controls you feel more comfortable with.

Koi Unleashed action RPG releases feudal Japan onto Steam. Priced at $17.09 USD, including a 10% discount until May 6th. Available on Linux and Windows PC.

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