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Kona II: Brume lets you unravel its secrets

kona ii: brume first-person adventure game launches on both linux and windows pc

Kona II: Brume first person adventure game launches on both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative minds behind developer Parabole. Available on Steam along with 81% Positive reviews.

So, let’s launch into what the latest adventure game, Kona II: Brume, has in store for us on Linux. If you’re someone who likes delving deep into mysteries and has a knack for unraveling secrets, then this first person adventure might be for you.

The setting? We’re transported to the 1970s, specifically to a secluded mining village in Northern Canada, known as Manastan. The hero, Carl Faubert, isn’t just your regular guy; he’s a detective on a mission. Kona II: Brume is not just any ordinary detective story. There’s is an eerie mist, called “The Brume,” that has shrouded the entire village, causing merry havoc with the balance of nature. It’s not only messing with nature but seems to be causing the people and the entire village to lose touch with reality. Think of it like a thick, disorienting fog that you’d see in a horror story.

Now, the lands of Manastan are vast, with so much to explore. From old wooden huts that might hold important clues, to various other locations you can reach with the help of a dog sled, and even navigating the expansive lakes surrounding the village. But remember, Kona II: Brume is not just about finding out what’s happening. There’s also the challenge of keeping Carl safe. The Brume brings with it a host of dangers, from freezing blizzards to unpredictable wildlife. So, you’ve got to be on your toes!

Kona II: Brume – Launch Trailer

While you’re on this journey, there’s a handy journal that Carl keeps. It’s not just any journal; it’s your guide to piecing together the enigma of The Brume. As you uncover objects, documents, and letters, they’ll help you navigate through the layers of this mystery. There’s also a narrator in Kona II: Brume, almost like someone watching over, who chimes in with their take on events and discoveries. It adds a layer of depth, making you feel like you’re not alone in this quest.

This is a sequel to the original Kona, has received mixed reviews from players. Many like its atmospheric music, appealing story, and intriguing storyline, feeling it might even surpass the first game in quality. They recommend diving into the Kona II: Brume snowy landscapes, especially during the colder months.
However, some players find it lacking compared to its predecessor, criticising its level design, item placements, and the use of the Unity engine. They felt it didn’t offer the same freedom as the original, with some considering it overpriced for the experience offered.

Kona II: Brume isn’t limited to just one platform. Both Linux and Windows PC users can jump into this first person adventure. If you’re someone who values storytelling and doesn’t shy away from challenges, then consider giving this a try. You never know, the secrets of Manastan might just be waiting for you! The game is available on Steam priced at $29.99 USD / £24.99 / 29,99€.

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