Kontract hyper violent action coming late 2018

kontract hyper violent action coming late 2018 linux windows

Kontract is a hyper-violent action-adventure game for Linux and Windows on Steam. A games that still does not have an official release date yet. But is coming later in 2018.

Kontract gameplay is about schizophrenia with a dark and twisted story. Since you assume the role of a hitman involved in mysterious contract killing. While uncovering the dirty truth and secrets behind the City of Light. The action is harsh and the game seems like something for Devolver Digital.

The rush of adrenaline coming after each kill will slow down time for you. Also turning you into an unstoppable monster.

So make sure to choose the weapon of your choice. And then plan the assassination carefully, because quick reactions won’t be enough. You will also need some solid tactics to make it through a mission. And yes sadly, this is only a singleplayer game. But I can see mods and Workshop support being of further benefit.

Kontrakt hyper violent action Trailer (Linux, Windows)


  • High-speed action mixed with mystery adventure elements
  • A tragic, twisted story surrounding schizophrenia
  • 12 different weapons with stats that matter and greatly affect gameplay
  • Unusual art style inspired from retro pixel art
  • Unlock different weapon modifications and unique sentinel echoes
  • Original, dark and haunting soundtrack
  • and a lot of SLOW-MOTION-WOAH-MOMENTS!

Since Kontrakt does not have an official release date. We do know that the release is coming later in 2018.
Again details are sparse. But from the trailer above you get the jist. The graphics are solid, making for an interesting adventure. Sort of a shoot em up and Mission Impossible mix of Hotline Miami. Maybe even some Hitman in there too.

The only thing not clear in the trailer is the schizophrenia part. Mind you this will likely be part of the story. For more details check out the official website and follow on Twitter.

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