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koruldia heritage rpg in last hours of kickstarter for linux mac windows

Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven RPG currently in the last hours on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. The crowdfunding campaign already has full funding for Linux, so it’s coming to Steam. But still looking for continued support for further stretch goals. Currently sitting at £18,038 UK.

Koruldia Heritage is unique in that the game comes with a fight sequence along the lines of Darkest Dungeon. Including a non-linear progression system, exploration and blending that into a unique pixel-painted experience. Which looks good so far, as you can see in the Kickstarter campaign.

An original feature of Koruldia Heritage is its battle system. Since this includes the classic capabilities of turn-based JRPG’s. Yet you can hack some of the encounters and resolve them peacefully. So it’s up to you to bring your enemies to their senses.

You will explore an alien world named Korulimbo, meeting friends and foes alike. Then go beneath the overworld to face risky but more rewarding challenges. Since different kind of monsters hide almost everywhere. Players will also comes across shrine entrances that can lead you deeper into the dungeon entrails of Korulimbo.

Koruldia Heritage RPG Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Most battles start when you touch an enemy. Try avoiding them or fighting them on purpose. Since this is your battle style, it is completely up to you. So be careful, as your actions will have a direct impact on how you and your loyal companion evolve.

At the end of each shrine challenge (puzzles or battles), you’ll unlock a special room. Since each shrine is linked to a sleeping master. Look at the big cube at the center of the dungeon. This device will allow you to dive into the memories of its dungeon master to solve a trauma of their past life. Maybe it’s a dream they could not achieve, a search for closure or total madness. Giving the game a very emo style of gameplay.

But due note, all the stories are interconnected in this RPG. These people knew each other and you will have to connect the dots. So this is a very imaginative style of gameplay. Since it puts the player in charge of intelligent choices.

Koruldia Heritage is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows in September 2020. Support the Kickstarter campaign today and unlock rewards that will help reach further stretch goals.

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