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Kraken Skulls local party game now on Greenlight for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


#RazburyGames #announced their new game “Kraken Skulls”, a local 4-player party game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Razbury has also launched a Steam Greenlight campaign looking for community #support.

In Kraken Skulls, the player controls two tentacles emerging from a gigantic deep sea squid. Inspired by Brothers, Octodad, and The Splits, where the controls serve as the main challenge – each tentacle is controlled by separate joysticks or specified keys on the keyboard, forcing the player to divide their focus and brainpower. Players work together to defend their squid from disgruntled pirate ships, while competing for the highest score. Each team can compete on a global scoreboard, work together to complete various achievements, and choose from various modes of gameplay such as waves, endless, or last man standing.

The game was first developed for the Ludum Dare 33 game jam. The theme was ‘You Are the Monster’. “We had so much fun playing Kraken Skulls at the end of the weekend, we knew we had to turn this into something real,” said Dean Razavi, owner of Razbury Games. “To build on the concept, we’ve added new features, new levels, and new ships that we think expand on the core gameplay of trying to manage these clumsy tentacles.”

Today, Razbury Games have launched Kraken Skulls on Steam Greenlight and looking for a winter 2015 release.

About Razbury Games

Razbury Games is the developer of Vidar, an RPG Puzzler Where Everyone Dies. Dean Razavi is a lawyer-turned-game designer from New York City. He teaches game development at Playcrafting NYC, a local organization supporting game developers through education, networking, and collaboration. He can also be found frequenting /r/RPGMaker giving quick tutorials and explanations, or on Twitter at @RazburyGames.


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