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Kujlevka adventure will take on aliens

kujlevka adventure game will take on aliens on both linux and windows pc

Kujlevka adventure game will take on aliens on both Linux and Windows PC. This is all due to the creative minds behind developer Callback. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Crytivo, alongside developer Callback, are happy to share the stylized adventure game, Kujlevka. This is a new adventure game getting ready to release in April 2023.

The ordinary village of Kujlevka is accustomed to challenging times. So now, in this dark period in a post-Soviet era, things couldn’t possibly get worse…or stranger. When a flying saucer crashes into the chairman’s home. Therefore it’s up to you to represent humanity to these otherwordly visitors.

Assuming the role of the collective farm’s headmaster, you must filter visitors before letting them inside the UFO. These guests from outer space are in no hurry to interact with humans. Since they’d much rather careful watch our species, our vast dreams, and desires. What exactly might these extraterrestrial beings have planned?

Kujlevka: An Adventure Game – Release Date Teaser Trailer

This isn’t your typical alien encounter. You’ll be tasked to learn all you can about these visitors. At least before they have the chance to study you.
Kujlevka lets you play a role in charting a course through financially and politically stormy times in Russian history. While going beyond static dialog and walls of text. So you can explore village life in Kujlevka through a mesmerizing setting of the hero’s dreams.

So it’s up to you to meet the aliens. Of all the places on Earth, this lost settlement becomes a bustling center. Including science, exploration, and the supernatural. You’re merely the poor chap whose home became the saucer’s crash site.

Kujlevka adventure game will have you explore in April 2023. Due to making its way onto both Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Get ready to take on this stylized adventure.

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