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Lachesis or Atropos a Free horror mystery

lachesis or atropos is a free horror mystery yuri visual novel game for linux mac windows pc

Lachesis or Atropos is a free horror mystery yuri visual novel game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work and creativity from developer 4noki. Which is coming to Steam in 2023.

Indie game publisher Quill Yuri announces that they are due to bring the horror visual novel Lachesis or Atropos, developed by 4noki, to Steam. Lachesis or Atropos is a horror yuri visual novel about a private investigator. One who visits a distant town to fulfill her mentor’s last wish. Check out the trailer.

Lachesis or Atropos – Steam announcement trailer

Lachesis or Atropos stars Shirasagi Mana, a private investigator. Who also has the unique ability to see the black strings of hate between humans. As Mana spends time in the town, she faces grim creatures and weird deaths. All while she tries to find the truth about a long missing person. She also meets two sisters with the ability she thought was her own.


  • Try to survive: Your choices in Lachesis or Atropos could help Mana on her journey to 4 major endings. You can also lead her to her death in many other endings.
  • Find love amidst the horror: Meet the strange twins of the influential Mikami family. Since they seem to know more than they let on. You might even find love!
  • Immersive story: At around 45,000 words and with 3-6 hours of gameplay. Due to be the game for those nostalgic for Japanese style visual novels.
  • Vibrant and visceral visuals: Immerse yourself in the town. Brought to life by anime style character art, settings, and CG drawings.
  • Original Soundtrack: Listen to beautiful original tracks that also highlight the story’s tense and eerie setting.
  • Accessibility features: Players can change the font size and typeface. Due to make the reading experience smooth and comfortable.

If horror or yuri is your cup of tea, then we highly suggest checking out the game. You can wishlist Lachesis or Atropos on Steam to be notified of its 2023 release. The horror mystery yuri visual novel game will be released free to play. While offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam now. Plus the game is available in English. You can also try a build of the game on itch.