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Lachesis or Atropos unleashes fear for Free

lachesis or atropos horror yuri visual novel game launches free on linux mac and windows pc

Lachesis or Atropos horror yuri visual novel game launches Free on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Developed by 4noki and delivering a unique adventure. Available now on Steam.

Quill Yuri, an indie game maker, is launching an epic, free horror adventure story Lachesis or Atropos. This incredible story was created by 4noki and is available today.

In Lachesis or Atropos you take on the role of Shirasagi Mana, a private detective with a special skill. Since She can actually see the black threads of hate that exist between people. Now she’s in a far-off town trying to fulfill her mentor’s final wish. As a result, she stumbles across some weird details, including horrific creatures and some unsolved deaths. The big mystery, she’s trying to find out what happened to someone who has been missing for years.

The plot thickens when she meets two sisters who also have the same ability she does. But these aren’t just any sisters – they belong to the powerful Mikami family. And here’s where things get interesting… you might find love along the way.

Lachesis or Atropos horror yuri visual novel is a wild journey with a lot of different paths to take. Since your decisions can either help Mana survive to reach one of four main story endings. Or, if you’re not careful, lead her to her end.

Lachesis or Atropos – announcement trailer

This Lachesis or Atropos story is immersive with about 45,000 words. Due to taking players around 3-6 hours to get through. And if you’re a fan of the Japanese style of visual novels, you will also appreciate this original gameplay.

The look of it all is absolutely stunning – from the anime-style characters to the incredibly detailed backgrounds. While the original art drawing drops you into another world.

And let’s not forget about the soundtrack! The original music also adds to the tense mood of the story.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about the text size or style. You can adjust it to suit your preferences. Since you can make it as comfortable as possible for you to read.

If you’re a fan of horror yuri visual novel, you need to check out Lachesis or Atropos. It’s Free and available to play on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!

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