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Lake Ridden no native release disappointment

lake ridden release does not have Linux just disappointment

Lake Ridden adventure puzzle game hit Steam with a release for Window, but no Linux. Also a significant disappointment seeing the games Steam Reviews are 100% Positive. So players get the jist of the gameplay.

So for those who do not know. Lake Ridden is the work Swedish developer Midnight Hub. Who are also keen to announce that Lake Ridden is now available on Windows via Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

This is also a story-driven adventure blending exploration and environmental puzzle-solving. So players have to seek and uncover the truth behind your sister’s disappearance.

Lake Ridden Release Trailer (Windows, coming to Mac, but no Linux)

The warm summer is giving way to the first signs of autumn. You are Marie, a 13-year-old girl who, reluctantly, decides to join her younger sister and her friends for one last camping weekend in the wilderness.

So what begins as the perfect way to say goodbye to the summer. Takes an unsuspecting turn after an argument with your sister ends. Since she just runs off into the forest. While searching for her, you stumble upon an old forgotten estate…

Through narrative-driven, first-person gameplay. You must find clues, solve puzzles, discover secrets and interact with mysterious residents. All in order to find your sister and escape Lake Ridden.

Linux release disappointment:

“We build the game using Unity. Unfortunately we’re just two programmers on the whole team, so a Linux port won’t be coming any time soon, I’m afraid.”

While this is a disappointment, the Steam Discussion indicates a Mac release will be under way. But this is after all a Linux thread. So given that the reviews are successful, but not a “no”. It’s time yet again to share that Tux Love. Since the developers will hopefully keep wise to the great reviews. Well, that’s the plan.

The culmination of two years of hard work. Sara Casen, CEO and Producer at Midnight Hub, said, “It feels absolutely amazing to finally be able to share Lake Ridden with you! I’m so proud of what our small team of five have managed to create. I can’t wait to see people play Lake Ridden and have fun with it!”

Features of Lake Ridden

  • Experience a rich narrative in a beautiful, atmospheric setting.
  • Uncover an old estate filled with mysteries, explore a stunning forest and experience a thrilling time-bending adventure.
  • Solve tricky puzzles and look for clues as you investigate your sister’s disappearance.

Platforms: Windows PC via Steam, and Humble Store
Release date: May 10, 2018

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