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Landnama epic survival quest launches

landnama rogue-lite survival base builder game launches on linux mac windows pc

Landnama rogue-lite survival base builder game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to creative crew at Sonderland for their innovative design. Available on Steam with a discount.

Landnama is cooked up by these crafty folks over at Sonderland. These are some tiny, independent devs who’ve got some serious creativity.

In Landnama, you take to roll as the first crews that step foot on Iceland way back in the 800’s. Due to offer the blend of adventure survival and city building elements. Explore, hunt, build fortresses, and brace for a wicked winter onslaught. Drawing from this ancient Icelandic tale, the Landnámabók, for an epic historic throwback.

Think Indiana Jones meets SimCity, with a bit of Minecraft. You also have to watch the details, and your back, but plan like a leader. Scout out the setting, hunt down challenges, find legendary landmarks. Construct your fortress and then hold your breath when the brutal winter arrives. Set up your clans in each zone and get ready for the escalating tests. No respawns here.

There’s only one thing you’ve gotta worry about collecting in Landnama: Heart. Be smart with it. Rack it up by traversing the wild, hunting, or by turning your base into the next New York. You’ve gotta get your fortress fully prepped before the white beast of winter steals your final Heart. How you pull this off is your call.

Landnama Launch Trailer

This rogue-lite survival base builder isn’t your average ‘Vikings with axes’ setup, says Mathias Tournier, one of the heads at Sonderland. Since we usually think of these people as all about the fighting, but the real villain was Mother Nature herself. That’s the tale they want to spin. It’s all about the struggle against the wild and surviving the odds.

Landnama has received mixed reviews, with some players praising its challenging nature, strategic depth, and replayability. While others criticize it for its high price relative to its content and perceived unfairness. Not to mention the simplicity that masks as a strategy. Many like the blend of board, puzzle, and city builder games. Stresses the need for careful planning and strategy due to its roguelike elements. While the game’s difficulty and reliance on RNG has sparked some negative reviews. Others assert that learning the mechanics and planning accordingly can help ease these challenges. Due to enhance the Landnama gameplay experience on Linux too.

Landnama is Sonderland’s first title. This tiny team of three mates from Berlin and Vancouver who are industry vet’s. They are delivering a minimalist but intense experience for everyone. The rogue-lite survival is priced at $11.19 USD / £11.19 / 11,19€ with the 20% discount on Steam. Launching the rogue-lite survival base builder on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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