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Landnama new survival game gets a Demo

landnama rogue-lite survival base builder game has a demo for linux mac and windows pc

Landnama rogue-lite survival base builder game has a demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Sonderland, the dedicated team of developers, poured their hearts and souls into creating an amazing title. Now giving you a chance to play via Steam.

Get ready for an amazing adventure that combines the thrills of a dungeon crawler and the vibe of a city builder. Landnama is a unique experience that you can now try on Steam. Unlike other games where you fight and battle, Landnama focuses on survival and strategy. It’s a non-violent, rogue-like base builder due to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In the Landnama Demo, you’ll lead the first Viking clans to settle in Iceland. But there’s a catch – you’re up against the clock. Winter is coming, and you have to make sure your settlement is ready before it arrives. Explore the land and uncover hidden challenges and powerful landmarks along the way.

Gameplay is all about making important choices. You’ll need to carefully choose what to do next and plan your actions wisely. Each region you settle will have different clans with unique skills. So you’ll have to think strategically to succeed. And remember, there are no second chances, since every decision counts.

Landnama Alpha Trailer

Now, you might be wondering, what’s the conflict in this Linux title if there’s no combat or raiding? Well, the challenge comes from surviving the harsh winter. It’s a tough race against time as the clock keeps ticking, pushing you closer and closer to the dreaded Winter’s Toll. You’ll have to use all your focus and skills to overcome the challenges. Due to ensure your settlement survives.

But don’t worry, Landnama is not all about stress and challenges. It’s also a beautiful world to explore and enjoy. You can freeze time and take in the stunning scenery while listening to setting music that sets the mood just right. Plus, the animated characters in your settlement will bring it to life. Making gameplay feel like a vibrant and dynamic place.

Landnama is the debut from Sonderland, a studio created by three friends and dads from different countries. They wanted to make the games they themselves would love to play. And now, they’re sharing their passion and creativity with you, and the community.

So, get ready to embark on an epic Viking adventure unlike any other. Will you be able to overcome the challenges, settle the land, and survive the harsh winter? The fate of your Viking clans is in your hands. Try Landnama rogue-lite survival base builder Demo on Steam. Let the journey begin on Linux, as well as Mac and Windows PC.

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