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Lands Awakened update coming for Albion Online

lands awakened game update is due to release for albion online on linux mac windows pc

Lands Awakened game update is due to release for Albion Online on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuous development efforts of Sandbox Interactive GmbH. All due to arrive via Steam and the official app. Upholding its 84% Very Positive reviews.

Albion Online is the fantasy sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. Who is announcing the launch date for its next major content update. The update, called Lands Awakened, goes live on November 24, 2021. This is due to the focus on refreshing the open world gameplay in Albion.

Albion Online | Lands Awakened Teaser

This major update includes the following major features:

Improved Open-World Graphics and PvE:

  • Massively improved graphics and layouts for all five biomes
  • Mobs that upgrade in strength and value over time
  • Reworked Static Dungeons with limited time “Dungeon Rush” events
  • Updated world map overlays also show Silver and resource values in Lands Awakened

New Open-World PvP Objectives:

  • New Treasure Sites that spawn at random in the open world
  • Energy Crystals and Power Cores that spawn in the Outlands as valuable objectives for guilds

New “War Gloves” Weapon Line:

  • Albion’s first all new weapon line since launch
  • Brings brawler style gameplay with damage/mobility options in Lands Awakened
  • Includes full combat and crafting trees on the Destiny Board

Reworked Guild Seasons:

  • Headquarters Hideouts give active guilds of all sizes the chance to make a secure home in the Outlands
  • New Conqueror’s Challenge in Lands Awakened offers rewards. Letting all players, regardless of guild group, earn these season rewards
  • New “Might” system also gives points for PvP related activities
  • Might builds Guild Might Levels, helping all members via payouts and increased rewards
  • New Favor currency can be spent by players on unique and valuable rewards

Numerous Quality of Life Upgrades:

    • Updated soundtrack
    • Saved Loadouts can be bought directly via the Marketplace UI in Lands Awakened
    • Farming usability upgrades
  • Party upgrades, smoother item rerolling, also combat balance changes, and much more

Albion Online Lands Awakened Update certainly brings more to the game. Which impressive to see for a free to play game of this caliber. For full details, also make sure to check out the official Lands Awakened Update Page. Due to release on November 24, 2021.
Also, if you have not, be sure to check out the game for free on Steam. Or if you choose, the official app. Since both options support Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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