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Laser League arcade multiplayer announcement

laser league arcade multiplayer announcment linux mac windows pc games

Since 505 #Games announced a partnership with BAFTA-winning indie dev magicians Roll7. Hence Laser League, a fast and fun original multiplayer arcade game. And since the studio is known for the award-winning OlliOlli series. And of course NOT A HERO. #Roll7 bring their trademark addictive gameplay to an original vision of near-future competition. Which we all expect to release on Linux, Mac and #Windows PC’s.
Since the gameplay includes up to 4 v. 4 intense online or local multiplayer modes. Laser League’s frenetic yet intuitive matches are easy to play. Yet difficult to master. All in a throwback to the heyday of gaming’s more approachable arcade action. This is all from the announcement of course.

“We have admired and enjoyed Roll7’s work from a far ever since the first OlliOlli game,” said Tim Woodley, senior vice president of brand and marketing, 505 Games. “When we saw the first prototype for Laser League. We could already feel that all-too-rare ‘just one more go’ impulse. We jumped at the chance to help Roll7 take their proven studio to the next level. And realize their ambitions for Laser League.”

Laser League Announcement Trailer:

In Laser League, the exhilarating, high-octane contact sport of 2150. Players battle against the opposition for control of nodes that bathe the arena in deadly light. Evading rival colored beams. While teams attempt to fry their opponents with speed, strength and strategy. Special offensive and defensive abilities. As well as game-changing power-ups on the arena floor. Each provides an edge at the crucial moment. Like all great sports, it is accessible and immediately understandable. Yet rewards dedication with deceptively complex strategic possibilities.

“It’s awesome to step outside of our ‘house style’. Developing a far bigger 3D experience that we think will redefine a genre,” said Simon Bennett, director at Roll7. “The (much bigger) team here at Roll7 are hyped. Hoping to get Laser League into people’s hands as soon as possible. Then work with the community to fine-tune the experience before launch.”

So what’s the deal?

Since we know that Laser League is in development using Unreal Engine 4. Most people know that Linux support is a given for Roll7 games. Yet we don’t know if Linux support will be available for Early Access. But, since Roll7 are known for their Linux, Mac and Windows full releases. Well it could be we have to wait a bit.

Re Linux – we are not 100% sure at this stage, our Publisher 505 will make this decision – so its in their hands!

As of this moment, we’re waiting for further announcement details from 505 Games.

Laser League will be part of the Early Access program on Steam beginning this summer. Followed by a launch on PC (hopefully Linux, Mac and Windows), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.
In the mean time, players can sign up now for a chance to be part of the upcoming beta test and Early Access HERE.

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