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Last Chance to Back Legends of Eisenwald Kickstarter

Linux port assured if Kickstarter hits $100,000

Legend of Eisenwald is a mix of strategy and role-playing game, developed by a small studio Aterdux Entertainment, from Minsk, Belarus, and there’s still time to back its Kickstarter project and give the team the funds needed to expand its score.

The game is already well funded, with more than 75,000 dollars (58,653 Euro) from more than 2,500 people, but backing the project will help it reach new milestones, which will see the development team add versions of the game for Mac and for Linux.

If the sum 100,000 dollars (78,204 Euro) in pledges is not reached, then the game creators will add castle upgrades, boarding battles or castle engagements depending on how much money the project manages to secure in funding.

”bacon“Port our game to MacOS and Linux and release it with PC version together if we reach $100000. If not, we will port it anyway to these platforms but at a later date.”

Legend of Eisenwald is similar in concept with Heroes of Might and Magic in its earlier incarnations, but with more of a focus on the role-playing possibilities of the unit advancement and the story it will deliver.

Legends of Eisenwald – landscape time lapse video


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