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The Last Deadend FPS horror native release

the last deadend fps horror linux release beside windows games

The Last DeadEnd [official website] is an FPS horror adventure game for Windows, but could likely see a Linux release. Well according to game studio Azdimension.

The Last Deadend Linux release

“At the moment we have plans, but we dont know will we release it for Linux or not.”

Since developer AzDimension go into the same detail both via email and the Steam Discussions. Stating that this really all demends on one thing, “The popularity of current game.” So we need more Tux Love. Share the mojo and bring another unique game to Linux.
But due to the fact that this is an Unreal Engine 4 release. And how slow the porting process can be. It does make sense to see keep thing in perspective, hence the demand.

So the main feature of the game is action. All taking place in the actual location – Old City.
Old City is part of the old part of the city, Baku. Also the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan. This Old city has a thousand-year history, complete with a fortress wall.

Inside there are historical and archaeological monuments of world significance. Also ancient palaces, towers, caravanserais and mosques.

The plot of the game is based on the idea that Azerbaijan. A country of fire and fire-worshipers. Also one of the birthplace of the most ancient religion of the East – Zoroastrianism.
The works of the famous American writer Dan Brown inspired the developers. So they set out to create the image of the hero and some of the motives of the game.

The script of the game focuses on the adventures of the young scientist-linguist Farhad. Since he now returns to his homeland from the United States. Working to help in filming a movie for an international television channel.

So now, here he faces strange events connected with the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. And the scientist has to find out the reason of these events.

The Last DeadEnd Official Game Trailer (Windows, hopefully Linux)

FPS Horror Features

  • Most of the game takes place in unusual locations for the genre. A flooded fortress, an ancient palace, ancient ruins, etc. This is also one of the rare games in the genre, with elements of horror. Since action takes place in a real city, complete with a mystical atmosphere.
  • The game also takes place both from the first person and the third person.
  • There are several regular enemies in the game. So players can expect strong enemies and bosses. Since this all takes inspiration from local legends. In the fight against some of them, there are tactics of winning against them.
  • The game has an extensive encyclopedia and the possibility of research. Articles in a vast encyclopedia, containing articles about historical objects, characters, symbols, etc., are added along the course of the game.
  • Some of the locations are built one-to-one with real city and historical buildings, the game has many objects that reflect the national flavor of the old city.

Pricing and Availability

The Last Deadend FPS is available on the Steam for just $8.99 USD. While the release week, there is a 20% discount until May 11th.