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Last Encounter games twin-stick shooter issue

last encounter games twin-stick shooter issue linux mac windows

Last Encounter [official website] the intergalactic roguelike twin-stick shooter and the games big issue, no Linux support. Since Exordium Games are looking to release the game sometime in Q2 2018.

Linux support:

Last Encounter is being made in Unity and the devs currently have nothing to announce for Linux support. We do not have an exact release date to announce, but we are on course to release it on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in Q2 of this year.

Exordium Games loves to support Linux, so it is certainly on their radar.”

Last Encounter will have support for Mac and Windows. But the twin-stick shooter will not have Linux support. Even with Unity 3D as the game engine of choice. Something must be wrong here, since Exordium Games usually have a Linux build. Such is the case with Zero Refex and the Bear With Me series.

Last Encounter – Reveal Trailer (Windows, Mac, no Linux)

Set in the distant future, all hope is lost. Since the world is taken over by a savage and technologically superior alien race. To end the onslaught, humanity’s last remaining pilots will take to fight.  With extensive weapon customization , face the extraterrestrials’ in a vibrant, procedurally-generated galaxy.

With a fleet of unlockable and upgradable ships. Each with their own abilities and attributes. Mankind will also have to have the spacecraft to battle the invaders. But will still need the firepower to eradicate their enemies. Fortunately each ship will have a component-based weapon system.
Since this allows pilots to create their own armaments. Such as customizing bullet type, firing pattern using parts discovered throughout their adventure.

Players will be able to bring up to three friends for cooperative annihilation. So together, you can take down challenging enemies and bosses. Engaging in some fast-paced couch co-op.

Last Encounter offers a cooperative roguelike experience that encourages strategizing and working together, but players who want to tackle the challenge alone are not at a disadvantage,” said Andrej Kovacevic, Game Director, Exordium Games. “The component-based weapon system allows players to adapt their weapons and ships to maximize their chances for success in every situation, be it single or multiplayer.”

Steam games:

For more information, check out the Steam page.  Follow Last Encounter on Twitter and Facebook.

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