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Last Epoch action RPG Alpha is now live

last epoch action rpg alpha is now live for linux mac windows

Last Epoch action RPG from Eleventh Hour Games is eager to announce the Live Alpha for Linux, Mac and Windows. A time-travel based action RPG, finally releasing its first playable Alpha.

So that might sound rather suggestive. The Alpha is indeed live for Linux, Mac and Windows too.

Lost to the Void long ago, your world had ceded to its destruction. But now, you have found a way to save your world from this dark fate. Become the Traveller and journey through the different climatic moments in Eterra’s history. Fight the oppression of the Immortal Empire, stand your ground against the gods and their war, be witness to the untouched beauty of the world ignorant of humanity – and most importantly, discover the secret of the Void and the true nature of fate.

You start your adventure by choosing one of five classes: Knight, Mage, Rogue, Primalist, or Acolyte, and ascend into one of fifteen mastery classes such as the ferocious Beastmaster, the enigmatic Spellblade, and the ruthless Necromancer.  Hack and slash your way through different eras, it is up to you to save Eterra from The Void. And of course, collect as much loot as possible.

“Our team has been floored with the positive response we’ve received on Last Epoch thus far. I really do believe that with funding we’ll make the next great game in the genre.” – Judd Cobler, CEO, Eleventh Hour Games – Game Director, Last Epoch

Last Epoch – Hack and Slash ARPG Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Engrossing character customization through a unique skill and passive system
  • Randomized loot including unique, set, and legendary items
  • Emphasis on a world and story that can be completely explored in four eras of time
  • Endless replayability through multiple end-game systems
  • 5 classes that can each master into 3 unique subclasses

Alpha is Live!

Alpha is now live and playable to all of our Kickstarter supporters. So those backers at the Elder tier or higher, but don’t worry. It’s not too late for action RPG lovers to get into Alpha and watch the game grow.
With the launch of Alpha, the developers have also roll out a new batch of supporter tiers. These include everything from a preorder of the game’s full release. Live access into the Alpha is already playable, with unique cosmetic effects such as Primordial Turtle pets and the Ancient Portal skin.

About Eleventh Hour Games
Eleventh Hour Games is a Dallas-based indie game developer with a heart for action RPGs. Our team is comprises 20 developers, videographers, composers, actors, and marketers. All led by Game Director Judd Cobler, an ARPG veteran. Our studio is delivering innovative and immersive player experiences that will provide gamers with thousands of hours of entertainment.

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