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Last Epoch Beta launch coming this month

last epoch beta launch coming this month in linux mac windows games

Last Epoch games Beta launch is coming this month for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to developer Eleventh Hour Games.
Which is also coming to Steam later this month.

Last Epoch Beta is coming one year after the successful Kickstarter. Eleventh Hour Games are eager to announce the launch. Which will release on April 30, 2019.
This time travel based dungeon crawler challenges players. While travelling through the world of Eterra’s past. Face off against dark empires. And also wrathful gods. All in the untouched wilds. Trying to find a way to save time itself from The Void.

Last Epoch Beta Trailer & Release Date (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Poised to be a top competitor in the ARPG space. Since Last Epoch offers players a familiar experience. While creating a fresh spin on the classic genre. The Last Epoch skill trees offers customisation vital to ARPG’s. While separating decisions to avoid overloading the player. The games design is easy to learn, but hard to master.

What’s New in Beta?

  • A first look at an end game system, the Monolith of Fate
  • 2.5 more chapters of story content (5 chapters total now!)
  • 2 new Mastery Classes, the Paladin & Druid
  • 12 new skills
  • 6 new skill trees

The Monolith of Fate will be Last Epoch’s first major endgame system. Explore alternate timelines that contain new and deadly encounters. While your choices shape the course of your journey!

Players will run a sequence of zones. All full of randomized enemies and objectives. At the end of each area you will be offered two options. Since each one adds new modifiers to the next several zones. These alternate timelines can be dangerous. And also very unpredictable. There are untold treasures awaiting.

New Mastery Classes:

The two new Mastery Classes provide a compelling reason. While inspiring players to start a new adventure.
Last Epoch brings new lore and unique combat styles. Since the Paladin and the Druid new additions.

  • Paladin: Take up the holy warrior’s mantle. Charge shield first into combat. Cast judgement on your foes! Surround yourself with Sigils of Hope. Warding off the wicked. Fortify yourself and your allies. Infuse them with the power of your Holy Aura. While you smite your enemies with Sky Bolts!
  • Druid: Your connection to Eterra now flourishes and grows wild. So command the might of the forest. Take on the form of the Spriggan. Or transform into a fearsome Werebear. While you maul your foes with primal strength. You are the avatar of Eterra’s latent power. And a bastion against all that would threaten her!

For a full overview of everything in the Beta, check out the Forum post.

On release, Last Epoch will be available on Steam. So the launch will be on Linux, Mac and Windows. Supporting both online only and offline only characters. Players can explore the world of Eterra wherever they are.

If you have questions about the upcoming Beta. Check out the Last Epoch Discord.

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