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Latest Cities: Skylines mod adds first-person multiplayer support

Cities: Skylines is not only one of the most #popular releases for ParadoxInteractive but also a heavily #modded title from #developer Colossal Order. The most recent is first-person multiplayer mod from Fr0sZ.

The project is a work-in-progress mod and Fr0sZ is currently taking suggestions on ideas to be incorporated into the mod. “Now I just need to figure out what to do with it,” creator ‘Fr0sZ’ says in the description. As showin in the video, each player gets a rough looking avatar that shows their position in the world.

Cities: Skylines is proving admirably flexible as a modding platform.  At this rate we will be playing Grand Theft Skylines sooner than later.

Should you want to follow the mod, check out the Reddit thread on r/CitiesSkylinesModding. For more Cities: Skylines modding, check out our round-up of the best mods, maps and assets.


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