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Latest Greenlight Batch Revealed from Steam

Steam has approved 75 new games for inclusion in its catalogue via Greenlight. Which is a fairly sizeable list, with quite a few #crossplatform and Linux titles.

Notably, classic MMO Ultima Online is amongst the games to have received a stamp of #approval, having been revived just a couple of weeks ago on Greenlight. The Windows PC only build works nicely in WINE, should you be interested in retro 90’s gaming. Yes, we mean that literally.

Also notable is “planet management” concept Universim, which will task players with rearing a civilisation from the Stone Age to the modern era and beyond. Like Ultima Online, it’s spent minimal time on Greenlight, having first been added just a week ago.

Steam Greenlight is a measure of popularity, enabling gamers to vote on games they’d like to see on the digital distribution platform. The initiative was first introduced in 2012, with Valve saying that it has doubled the number of indie games in its catalogue.

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