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Lawgivers II rules a new world on Linux

lawgivers II political sandbox game releases in early access on linux mac windows pc

Lawgivers II political sandbox game releases in Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Damian Bernardi for his brilliant creativity. Available now on Steam Early Access with 79% Positive reviews.

If you ever dreamt of running a country, shaping policies, or leading debates in the parliament. Welcome to Lawgivers II, the release puts you into a world where you control a nation’s future. While starting off its year of Early Access. But first, here’s a brief rundown to get you started:

You start your Lawgivers II journey in one of two ways:

  • An activist: Get your feet wet, learn the ropes, and rise through the ranks.
  • Leader of a party: Dive right into the deep end, since you will make choices from the get-go.

Your mission? Aim for success through:

  • Personal interests: Maybe you also want to become the most influential figure in the world.
  • Party influence: So build your party’s reputation and solidify its power.
  • National prestige: Due to lead your nation to glory on the global stage.

The World Around You

The Lawgivers II political sandbox you’ll navigate is rich and full of detail. A realistic map showing countries you’ve heard of, complete with their major cities, regions, and also electoral districts. Want to dive deeper? There are handy filters to view factors like population density, foreign relations, and election outcomes. And if you’re more of a big picture person, you can also view this map in a simpler 2D format.

Shaping Policies

In Lawgivers II, the essence of your role is to set the direction for your nation. So dive into the details of crafting and approving bills. Perhaps you’ll decide to amend the constitution or introduce new laws. Since you’re the designer of your country’s future.

Power Struggles

In the heart of any political sandbox setting are its leaders. Join the parliament or congress, elect a speaker, and set up committees. Here’s the catch: not all lawmakers will agree with you. Since they have histories, opinions, and motivations. Manage your relationships wisely in Lawgivers II, so if things get too divided, you might witness political exits. Or maybe even new parties emerging.

Lawgivers II – Political Simulation Game Trailer

Leading the Charge

Aim for the top! Whether it’s the presidential seat or the prime minister’s office, it’s all about alliances, strategy, and maybe avoiding that dreaded vote of no confidence.

Outside Influences

Remember, in Lawgivers II there are always external forces at play. Groups, lobbies, and interest groups might extend a hand, offering support. So you can choose to work alongside them or keep your politics hidden and untainted.

Global Connections

Your nation is not alone in Lawgivers II. Since you can forge ties with other nations, ensuring the well-being of your citizens. From securing resources to spreading ideologies, it’s a delicate balance. But be cautious: bold moves can lead to political fallout or even sanctions.

Team Up

Have Linux friends with similar interests? Team up! Since you can form a coalition or challenge each other in the race to the top. (Note: Multiplayer feature due to release soon!)

Customize and Expand

For those creative minds, there’s the freedom to tweak and personalize. Want to add a new country or law in Lawgivers II? Perhaps customize the look of your lawmakers? The possibilities are vast.

Stay Connected

Lastly, join the community on Discord. Engage in discussions, share ideas, and be part of the Lawgivers II game on Linux.

Lawgivers II certainly offers a deep political sandbox game. Bringing the political arena to your fingertips. Whether you’re strategy, building alliances, or shaping policies, it’s all about leaving your mark in the world of politics. The release is out on Steam Early Access. Priced at $22.49 USD / £18.89 / 22,49€ with the 10% discount. Along with Linux, Mac, and Windows PC support.

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