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Lawgivers political simulaton is worth playing

lawgivers political simulaton game full release is worth playing on linux mac windows pc

Lawgivers political simulaton game gets a full release on Linux, Mac, Windows PC. Thanks to developer Damian Bernardi. Available on Steam with Very Positive reviews.

Lawgivers is a turn based political simulaton game. Launching out of Early Access. Releasing Linux and Mac support back in October 2019. Now with a full release. Where you have to take control of a party. And of course, run for elections too. Tell voters what they want to hear. Also choosing whether to achieve your promises or not. Once inside parliament, approve important laws. And then shape your country’s destiny.

Lawgivers TRAILER | Political simulation game

It’s also no wonder Lawgivers is doing well. The mobile debut has sold over 50,000 copies. Now the Steam version goes even further thanks to Early Access. Plus the game has obviously been adapted to desktop screens. While cross platform support is made available thanks to Unity 3D. Along with a Free Demo, with Linux support.


  • Choose a party, promise actions to citizens and run for elections
  • Approve or abolish laws with legislative votes
  • Take care of lawmaker’s experience, popularity and loyalty
  • Bribe concurrent leaders in order to win majority
  • Build up relations with other parties. So you can appoint the president
  • 17 playable nations in Lawgivers. Such as the US, Uk, Russia, Germany, or South Korea
  • Over 120 ordinary and inherent laws
  • 38 science advances bringing new missions and events
  • no ingame shop, virtual currency or paid dlc, just free updates

With the recent launch of Lawgivers comes a few changes. Including new laws, balancing plus a fix. But if this is not pleasing to you and you also have more ideas. Get on the games Discord and share.

Update 1.7 Changelog:

  • 3 new laws “Cultural subsidy”, “Free public transport” and “Propaganda law”
  • 3 new achievements
  • general law rebalancing
  • in some cases, citizen where approving laws with popular votes on matter. Even if they couldn’t
  • fixed another bug that could stop the game growth
    more minor change

Lawgivers the political simulaton releases on Steam. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Likewise, the games under $10 USD.

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