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Lazy Sweet Tycoon cross-play clicker needs support

lazy sweet tycoon cross-play clicker needs support for the game on linux with windows pc

Lazy Sweet Tycoon cross-play clicker multiplayer tycoon needs support for the game on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Sideless Cube Studios. The friendly title is now available on Steam.

Sideless Cube Studios are eager to present Lazy Sweet Tycoon. Which is their Cross-Play Casual Clicker taking place in a colourful voxel universe. Since players tap, hold, click, manage and maybe even strategize. All while working your way to being the No.1 CEO in daily multiplayer tycoon contests. Equipped with an island of opportunity. And also a sweet business destined for success. You could certainly develop your product into health nanobots. Maybe even sugar fueled space rockets.

Likewise, Lazy Sweet Tycoon is a unique deal. Since you can play via Cross-Play via PC with Android and iOS players. Which is also rather creative. However, according to the developer’s reply in the Discussions post, we need Tux Love.

Depending on how the launch goes, if there’s enough interest it’s something we could explore…

Yes, this is insightful. But does not guarantee a Linux port for Lazy Sweet Tycoon. This is simply a request to cast your +1 or share a comment with your Tux Love. Ideally, to bring a Cross-Play Casual Clicker to the platform. Check out the trailer below to get a sense of what the games about.

Lazy Sweet Tycoon Cross-Play PC Trailer

Play at your own pace, on the device of your choice. Work your way through seamless cross-play between PC and iOS/Android. Explore the Lazy Sweet Tycoon cute, colourful and tactile 3D voxel world.


  • Seamless cross-play and cross saving between PC and iOS/Android.
  • Equipped with unique tap tech so you can tap, hold, drag or button smash furiously. Since you can energise your island and profit. All from releasing the rare energy from ‘charged’ objects.
  • Craft a playstyle with customisable passive and active strategies. Also unlocked via a rich research tree.
  • Balance the ability to Lazy Sweet Tycoon Prestige. Restarting your progress but granting you epic perks and boosts.
  • Compete against other players in real time Competitions. Where your skills and strategy as CEO will be put to the test in revolving seasons. As a result, introducing new content and abilities.
  • Develop your recipe from Plain Cookies into Edible Nanobots or Sugar Rockets.
  • Build and upgrade your island. Choose wisely from our ever changing Quotes purchase system.
  • Balance logistics and exports by hiring Transportation. Right from Trucks to Trains and Boats.
  • Manage employees to optimize operations: Hire and fire, boost salary or cut pay, motivate or micromanage, what will be most efficient for your playstyle?

Lazy Sweet Tycoon cross-play clicker is available on Steam. Priced at $6.39 USD including a 20% discount. But the games only available on Windows PC, maybe with enough support, Linux too.

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