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Leagues of Geeks announce four new heroes coming to Armello

League of Geeks’ enchanting hybrid of #tabletop, card game, #strategy and role-playing elements, Armello, will have much more to offer when we finally get our hands on it sometime next year.

Players will now have the option to choose an additional hero from each of the four animal clans: the rat assassin, the rabbit sapper, the bear warcaster, and the wolf ranger. Originally set to be released as DLC after launch, the four heroes were offered up as a few of the many stretch goals in Armello’s successful Kickstarter campaign, and will now be available to all backers.

Further additions to the game included a winter tile set for Armello’s procedurally generated game board, alongside 15 backer-suggested cards. The largest change to come out of the met stretch goals will be support for Android and Windows tablets, and localization in additional languages: Dutch, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

League of Geeks launched the Armello Kickstarter last month, asking $200,000 AUD, and closed with 153% of the funding requested. The developer will now focus its attention on bringing Armello to backers through Steam’s Early Access program, before the full launch next year.

“After the madness of Kickstarter and the support that we’ve seen,” said League of Geeks’ founder Trent Kusters, “we all can’t wait to just get back into development and make Armello happen.”

Armello is slated to launch next year on PC, Mac, and Linux, alongside iPad, Android and Windows tablets.

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