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Learn about the South African game development scene at rAge 2011 – Ever wanted to make a game?

“Ever wanted to make a game?”

Perhaps the answer to that question has crossed your mind before. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of one day becoming a game developer, creating popular and important videogames for PC, consoles, handhelds and mobile. Perhaps you’ve even got a few ideas and a fair bit of talent to make this dream a reality.

But wait. You live in South Africa. How are you ever going to get into game development and join a studio, or even form a studio of your own, if you don’t have the support of other like-minded and talented individuals?


Join a local South African game development community, take part and learn most everything you need to know about creating games with your peers.

And visit rAge 2011.

If you don’t know where to start, South African game developer Sven Bergström will be running a series of talks and meet-ups during the South African Game Development Community Sessions at rAge 2011 this week, with award winning and professional game developers in attendance to answer your questions.

The developers will be at rAge for the entire weekend, while locally made games will also be there for you to play.

You can find more information at Bergström’s official post on the matter, and see a list of South African game developers who will be at the show giving talks and dropping some game development knowledge (also below):

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