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‘Left 4 Dead 2’ gets Steam Workshop functionality next month


Left 4 Dead 2 will receive Steam Workshop functionality next month, allowing players of the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game to access tons of community-made levels and other add-ons.

The Steam Workshop, which offers similar mod support to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Team Fortress 2, gives users a place to upload, review, and discuss user-made mods for applicable games. For Left 4 Dead 2, that functionality is being tweaked — according to the game’s official blog, the Workshop will “allow content to appear in the L4D2 world even more seamlessly based on the community’s response.”

The modding tools will also have an expanded scripting toolset which will let users create their own Mutations; gametypes that significantly alter the rules of the core game.

No specific release date for the Workshop update has been announced, but the Left 4 Dead blog promises more details will be released closer to launch.


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