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Legacy of Persia full experience out soon

legacy of persia is the new game expansion coming to crusader kings iii on linux mac windows pc

Legacy of Persia is the new game expansion coming to Crusader Kings III on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks, Paradox Thalassic, and Paradox Development Studio for their awesome work. Making its way onto Steam soon.

So, there’s this upcoming expansion called “Legacy of Persia” for the Linux medieval strategy game, Crusader Kings III. Let’s break it down so you get the full picture.

Picture the Middle Ages. Massive empires, elegant courts, and knights with shining armor. One of these empires, the Abbasid Caliphate, was once really powerful, but now, it’s struggling. The “Legacy of Persia” content is inspired by an actual event called the Anarchy of Samarra. Since this was a period when the Caliphate was facing all sorts of challenges. The game lets you dive into this challenging period of history.

With “Legacy of Persia,” you’ll get to play in the region of Medieval Iran. This is a time when local leaders in Iran wanted more power and control, and the overarching Abbasid Caliphate was weakening. Imagine being in the shoes of an ambitious leader in this period. You could choose to start a new dynasty and build a fresh empire. Instead, you could support the Abbasid Caliphate and help it regain its strength. It’s all about choices, strategy, and how you want history to play out.

Crusader Kings III: Legacy of Persia – Release Date Announcement

But that’s not all. The “Legacy of Persia” content will add a lot of new features to make it even more immersive. You’ll find:

  • New decisions and actions for rulers in Iran.
  • Special content that focuses on the role of clans and the importance of frontier regions.
  • Changes to the Iranian traditions, like introducing unique scholars, troops, and building types.

And for those who appreciate aesthetics, you’re like Legacy of Persia. There will be new artwork and music tracks that give a genuine feel of Persian culture. Characters will sport new outfits, and buildings in Iran will have a fresh design. The user interface will have touches of Iranian design elements. Plus, you’ll get to listen to 8 brand new music tracks, enhancing the vibe.

In conclusion, “Legacy of Persia” is die to release on November 9, 2023. It’s part of a bigger package called the Crusader Kings III Chapter II Pass. This pass also offers other content like “Tours & Tournaments” and “Wards & Wardens.” If you get the whole package, you save 27% rather than getting each content separately.

So, if you’re into strategy, history, and making big decisions, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Get ready to dive in, strategize, and shape the future of a medieval empire on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. And be sure to Wishlist the new expansion on Steam.

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