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Legena: Union Tides a classic 16-Bit inspired RPG with new features

Legena: Union Tides is a #modern 2D Turn-Based #RPG based on the classic 16-Bit turn-based games but with new features, including weather changes, skill equips, and even #moralechoices.

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You play Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin as they travel across the seas of Dynol and the desert of Vesira, in hopes to solve the great mystery of the Narrator, a childhood monster that was thought to be a legend. You will meet a cast of one-of-a-kind heroes and villains in your journey to solve mysteries.


Explore the world and its intriguing towns and dungeons battling enemies and evolving your characters as you progress through the story!

Legena features a traditional JRPG combat system with a dynamic turn system, a variety of exciting characters, threatening villains and unique dungeons, along with new features including feathers that equip heroes with a variety of skills and features that reward moral choices. And for those wanting a challenge, the difficulty grid waits to allow anyone from beginners to pros to play the game. Choose your difficulty and power on through!


  • Defeat your foes in a dynamic turn-based combat system
  • Use power spells by equipping feathers
  • Harness the power of the weather to give your allies a great advantage
  • Make choices that have an impact on the friends and foes around you
  • Increase the difficulty of the playthrough with the difficulty grid
  • A classic dark 16-bit RPG feel

Legena Union Tides windows pc demo

The Legena series was a long term project to understand programming when it first started. Over time it became the key focus of programming experience due the amount of work required in a role playing game. Since then, it has become an engine for developing Grandpa Pixel’s RPG’s as an RPG series.

The main goal is to increase the quality of the series. Such as improving the soundtrack. Giving each game its very own soundtrack, set the right mood and feel to each experience. The first goal focuses on giving Union Tides the final extended soundtrack. After that, Grandpa Pixel will focus on bringing Legena to as many platforms and giving War Bred Children and Alley Girls the soundtracks they truly deserve! We want to bring the following to the Legena series.

  • A Fully Extended Soundtrack to all three games (Focusing on the 1st game first)
  • Linux, Mac, iPhone and iPad Support
  • The Battle Arena, Boss Rush Mode & The Gauntlet

The Battle Arena: Calling all heroes! In celebration of the Union Tides festival, the Battle Arena is open for one month only. Take on deadly foes and receive wondrous prizes! Test your strength and wits as you take on new challenges ranging from No-Items to the Lighting-Round!

The Gauntlet: In the dark depths of the Battle Arena, a gauntlet can be found. Built for the strongest of champions, endure multiple handicaps and journey to the bottom of the Gauntlet and battle the Titans. Dare you try your luck in the Gauntlet?

In the event that Legena: Union Tides surpasses its  goals, Grandpa Pixel can pop the champagne and start going into the bigger stretch goals! These are our more ambitious stretch goals

  • Xbox One Support!
  • PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita Support!
  • New Game Ideas! (We are developing prototypes for them right now! Maybe some of you will see them…)
  • Online Battle Mode???
  • Nintendo Consoles Support???

Online Battle Mode: Across far lands lie other champions waiting for you. Thanks to the Doors of the Time’s Corridor, the champions now await you. Battle other players for glory and become champion of the world.

Grandpa Pixel aims to have Legena: Union Tides finished by August 2015 with Beta Testing occurring at least 2 months earlier, giving them time to tweak the game, and make it an amazing experience. Unless you gain Developer Access in which case you have access to all Builds.  They are also aiming to have War Bred Children released in 2016 and Alley Girl in 2017. Fingers crossed!

The Legena Engine is now complete and all that remains is to make these amazing games! And with Union Tides coming along at such a swift pace, all that remains is funding, your support, and bring the title to the quality people expect.

Check out all the details for Legena: Union Tides on Kickstarter. And make sure to vote for the project on Steam Greenlight.