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Legend of Dungeon:Legend Heroes expansion hits Linux, Mac and Windows PC on March 26th


#RobotLoveKitty, the developers behind the pixel art #roguelike #dungeoncrawler Legend of Dungeon have been hard at working adding more content for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Slapping their hands on any keyboard we can find, adding and more content for a new expansion called Legend Heroes and it comes with two stellar features: it’s free, and it’s awesome!

Legends Heroes adds in a pile of new content, like cowboys and chickens and bears, Oh my! And it’s available on Steam today!!

Check out the game trailer below:

Here’s the best part, Robot Love Kitty is celebrating the launch of their ‘Legend of Dungeon:Legend Heroes‘ free expansion by putting the game on sale, and giving their cats extra snacks. Tweet a picture of your cat getting snacks to @RobotLovesKitty for a chance to win a free copy of the game!
Do keep in mind, Legend of Dungeon is a procedurally generated title, so you are far more likely to play a new game every time.

In the ‘Legend Heroes’ expansion, word of the Magic Dungeon filled with treasure has spread across the land. Many heroes now search for the promised treasure deep below.. but they too have disappeared amongst the cold stones.

Raid the dungeon together with creatures you tame, save the Heroes (if you can find them), and become a true Legend Hero. If you play with friends in the 4-player couch co-op mode, you can be Legend Heroes together!


Legend of Dungeon is a lighthearted but deadly dungeon crawler with striking visuals, and procedurally assembled music. With this expansion Robot Loves Kitty has taken the classic roguelike inspired game to a higher level of awesomeness and death by adding Pets, Classes, VR, new bosses, and more.


Thanks to the original Kickstarter backers, this expansion to Legend of Dungeon is completely free and automatically included in the game!

New features for the Legend Heroes expansion:

  • Classes: Find and save the 8+ lost heroes and they will permanently unlock as playable classes.
  • Pets: Tame wild animals (or die trying) and they will fight for you to the death.
  • VR: If you possess the mystical helm of Oculus Rift DK2, you can explore this 2.5D game with an extra 0.5D!
  • Full controller support: now with main menu support for controllers, and of course, complete customization from the menu.
  • New bosses: massive blobs, snake summoners and more join the terrors in the darkness.

Other changes and additions:

  • More music: New tracks have been added, now almost 300 tracks procedurally assemble each time you start a new game. The music is as changing as the dungeon itself.
  • Revised dungeon tiles: the dungeon now changes as you descend! From dungeony to downright weird!
  • More monsters: more monsters means more wonderful ways to die.
  • New items: we won’t spoil it for you, discover them for yourself!
  • Increased Cat Variety: just because

In true to ‘Rogue’ spirit, you must venture and learn the dungeon’s secrets on your own, for wisdom and mastery are your lasting reward, and your best shot at one day returning triumphant! Should you survive that long.

Legend of Dungeon is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, and will be on sale through Steam, the Legend of Dungeon website and the Humble Store.


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