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Legend of Keepers strategy gets a full release date

legend of keepers reverse dungeon crawler strategy gets a full release date for linux gaming mac windows pc

Legend of Keepers reverse dungeon crawler strategy gets a full release date for Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Goblinz Studio. As well as a successful Early Access period across Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Publisher and developer Goblinz Studio announced the release of its reverse dungeon crawler, Legend of Keepers. Which also continues to hold up 85% Very Positive review via Early Access. Due to make it’s way into a full release on April 29th. The success is certainly thanks to more than 100,000 players during its Early Access. Legend of Keepers overturns the codes of roguelite and invites players to join the Dungeons Company. While working to drown the fiery heroes in their relentless fury.

In a world overrun with heroes, now is the time for a game changer. So embrace the beast within you. Join a powerful team of ghoulish creatures tasked with defending the dungeons. While working to get rid of the mighty benefactors who venture there. Kick some hero butts and protect the opulent riches of your mighty boss. You will open up many chances for yourself to climb the ranks of the evil corporation that employs you.

Legend of Keepers – Release Date Announcement Trailer

Legend of Keepers offers many benefits to its employees. This includes dozens of beautifully built dungeons. As well as a campaign mode that challenges clichés of fantasy. This also includes rough turn based combat and many talents to master. A complete crafting system recipe based and much more. As reckless adventurers approach, choose your creatures and set up your traps. Then revel in the dire fate your wise actions have in store for them. Few underground jobs are so rewarding.

New game modes, content, and other features are planned for launch. So don’t miss the Dungeons Company’s “help wanted” campaign and get ready, as if your pay depends on it.

Add Legend of Keepers to your Steam Wish List today. The reverse dungeon crawler strategy game is priced at $19.99 USD. Due to getting a full release on April 29th. Available on Steam and Humble Store. While GOG offers a 20% discount right now. Continuing support in Linux gaming, Mac, and Windows PC.

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