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Legend of Lancer jousting game launches on Kickstarter

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Gorilla Press Games has launched a crowd-funding campaign for Legend of the Lancer, a game it describes as a “2D Metroidvania” for PC, Mac, and Linux that focuses on the art of jousting. Inspired by the writing of J.R.R Tolkien, Miguel de Cervantes, George R.R. Martin, and T.H. White, Legend of the Lancer is a 2D #action #adventure #game that focuses on the balance between telling an interesting #story and providing players with #compelling #gameplay. Legend of the Lancer promises epic boss battles, exploration, non-linear quests, interesting characters, and lots and lots of jousting.

Faced with multiple challenges all at once, the hero must decide for himself what is the best path to take. The choices our hero will make will affect the outcome of the game. Jousting, a popular medieval sport, is the best way to bridge all the different adventures in store our the hero. There will be no rest for our hero, nor the gamer. This will not be an easy game. Balancing the story with great game design; beauty with clarity. Legend of the Lancer plays like a Metroidvania. It is non-linear gameplay allows player move freely in the game world to complete his desired quests and collect rewards on his own. Legend of the Lancer offers fast-paced combat, strategy, epic adventures, and the option to choose your own path in a world with a mysterious past.

  • Explore a new world with a mysterious past! Compete in jousting tournaments! Fight epic boss battles! Embrace destiny in this brand-new 2D Metroidvania!
  • Compete in local qualifying Jousting tournaments as you work your way up to the Grand Jousting Tournament.
  • Meet some memorable characters! Help them to complete quests or challenge them to combat. Earn their banners and gain new weapons, skills, and abilities.
  • Traverse through dark dungeons and ancient temples. Fight evil spirits, mages and monsters in epic boss battles.

Game/Story Mechanics

Sam Basic Lance Attacks

  • The Magic Hilt – Sam discovers a magical hilt inside the skull of The Dragon.  A variety of attachments can be used with this hilt in order to grant Sam new skills and abilities.  Attachments, such as a hammer, grappling hook, and rockets, are found as the player progresses through the game.  In the midst of battles, the player can cycle through their equipped attachments on the fly in order to effectively combat Sam’s foes.  This encourages players to shape their own style for fighting the various creatures and enemies of Umber.  To give an example of how the aforementioned attachments may work together, Sam can stun an enemy with the hammer, launch the enemy into the air with the normal lance, and then shoot a rocket at the opponent.  Up to 4 attachments can be equipped at a time, which is managed within the Inventory menu and players will be able to see their attachments on their ingame HUD.
Horse Charge Attack
Horse Charge Attack
Horse Transformation
Horse Transformation
  • Horse Companion – Inspired by the ride armors from the Mega Man X series, Sam will have a similar piece of equipment.  The horse can be summoned in order to aide Sam clear various obstacles.  Boulders, once out of reach platforms, and some mid-bosses and bosses can be tackled when Sam has the horse.  As the character progresses through out the land of Umber, equipment for the horse can be found and equipped in order to upgrade its abilities.  When Sam is not riding the horse, it assumes a “passive stance”, where it simply looks like a normal horse.  However, whenever Sam jumps onto the horse, it assumes a bipedal stance where it will use a lance and shield in order to combat the opposition.
  • Sequence Breaking – The key to Legend of the Lancer is its Non-Linear design. You, the player, can complete any jousting qualifier, quest line, boss in any order you wish. To complete the game you don’t even really need to complete all the content in the world. There will be a short path that will lead you through the story but will give you a very different ending. We have created several pathways and scenarios that will result in different outcomes.
  • Random Drops – When you begin your journey in the Land of Umber, a pool of key items are available for the player to find and collect from defeated bosses.  However, bosses will not drop the same item in every playthrough.  For example, in one playthrough, the Tree Ent boss may drop a hilt attachment, but in the next playthrough he may drop a piece of armor.  Fortunately, your items will carry over into the next game, allowing you to collect all items if you wish to do so. Note that no matter the drop it will be very useful in some fashion.

Legend of Lancer jousting game launches on Kickstarter

Legend of the Lancer is currently in Pre-Alpha for PC, MAC, and Linux. Working with the Unity3D platform allows the team to easily port to multiple platforms moving forward if Gorilla Press reach their stretch goals. With a scheduled launch for Legend of the Lancer in December 2014, this is an arduous project, and will take countless hours to complete.

Here are some things that we need to make that possible:

  • Additional Staff – Gorilla Press have a lot of drive, passion, and love for this project. Their team is strong but need it to grow in order to meet the demands placed on this project. Additional artists and programmers will help Gorilla Press Games provide the quality gamers expect. Fine tuning a project of this size will require the extra hands to keep things on pace.
  • Operating Costs – Establish publishing channels for distribution and have all the right business items in place to make Gorilla Press Games official. Keeping the business operating by paying staff, monthly expenses, and purchasing tools for the company.
  • QA & Improvements – Have testers on board that have experience in the industry. The game must be well polished and improved by hiring testers and building resources to can help receive input from the community itself.

For more details, check out Legend of Lancer on Kickstarter

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