Legend of Shara launches for Tangledeep

legend of shara launches for tangledeep in linux mac windows games

Legend of Shara launches for Tangledeep in Linux, Mac, Windows games. Thanks to developer Impact Gameworks. The games very first full expansion. Available now on both Steam and GOG.

Legend of Shara hits the turn based roguelike Tangledeep. Also featuring a ton of new content. Since this includes a prequel story. As well as a 13th job. A brand new character and all new monsters.
Plus Legend of Shara adds both breadth and depth. And also gives Tangledeep’s 100+ hours of gameplay. Doing so for only $7.19 USD through to April 11th. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

A New Prequel Story: Shara’s Story

Legend of Shara allows you to play as Shara. A new prequel that takes place before the story of Mirai. Also the original hero of Tangledeep. While the core dungeon progress is similar to the main game. So now the dialogue and bosses are very different. In this gameplay mode, there isn’t a town. No meta progress or job system. Since Shara does not gain XP nor levels like Mirai does. Instead, you can spend JP (Job Points). Levelling up your core stats. By doing so, your XP level increases gradually.

You can learn new abilities in two ways:

  • Open Pandora’s Boxes: Each Box gives you an option of three random skills. All from the entire pool of regular job abilities. Pick one – and off you go!
  • Rest at Campfires: When you rest. You take your pick of several random Shara only abilities. You’ll have to plan and adapt on the fly based on the items and abilities you find!

Tangledeep: Legend of Shara Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The 13th Job: Introducing the Calligrapher
To the Calligrapher, the pen and sword are mighty and lethal. Since they draw upon ancient writing and runic knowledge. While Calligraphers engage their enemies in Legend of Shara. Wielding two weapons at once. While reading from powerful elemental scrolls. And striking down enemies with furious brush strokes. This job is focused on attacking and dodging. Since it’s an all out offense playstyle. And rewards by building up huge attacks.

New Character: The Mysterious Wanderer
In Riverstone Camp, you may now encounter a new character. Known as the Mysterious Wanderer. This obscure storyteller will introduce you to “Wanderer’s Journeys”. That launches randomly generated adventures. Which also range from 10 to 50 (!) floors.

The new expansion introduces:

  • Unique Dungeons: Each Journey has an very unique dungeon layout. Some are full of tight and windy corridors. Which connect large rooms together. While others in Legend of Shara are more natural. With wide-open spaces and water. Each has different biomes and environments to explore.
  • Strange New Creatures: Unlike the rest of the game. Every Journey has a completely new set of randomly generated monsters. Complete with accompanying names, sprites, and powers. So you’ll have to observe these new threats carefully. Because you never know what you might find!
  • Different Scenarios: Some Journeys will allow you to bring along certain feature. So things like skills, stats, gear and items. Or a combination of these resources. Others will start you at Level 1. Giving you nothing at all. Regardless of your skill level and progression in the main game. You’ll find a variety of different gameplay styles. And further challenges to enjoy.
  • Ancient and Powerful Relics: Through playing and completing a Wanderer’s Journey. You will find new types of item called Relics. These are extra special Legendary items. Which are randomly generated. Coming from hundreds of existing powers, bonuses, properties, and stats. There are weapon, armor, shield, book, quiver, and accessory relics to discover. all with endless potential.

Pricing and Availability

The Legend of Shara DLC launches on Steam and GOG for $7.19 USD. This includes the 10% discount. Releasing on Linux, Mac and Windows.

There is also a bundle containing the base game. Plus Legend of Shara and the DLC’s soundtrack. Which can be purchased on Steam for $15.20 USD (34% off). Tangledeep itself will also be discounted 30%. Celebrating the launch of Legend of Shara!. Due note, all sales will end on April 11th.

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