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Legendary sequel Bubble Struggle: Adventures now on Kickstarter

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More than 10 years ago Kresimir Cvitanovic created one of  the ‘Top 10 most played #onlinegames’, Bubble Struggle (aka Bubble Trouble). If you were into online games at some point, chances are you what we talking about. A title that has been played more than 350 million times, and Cvitanovic is still getting #fan mail asking for a sequel.

Now, a sequel is in the works and currently on Kickstarter looking for backers. A somewhat simple but challenging game of avoiding and shooting bubbles. Bubble Struggle: Adventures will feature puzzles in an astounding 300 unique levels for one or two players. And the in-game level editor will allow players to create and share custom levels. There is even an early web-based prototype you can play here (Windows or Mac).

Here is a brief gameplay video:

Platform support, Bubble Struggle: Adventures  will be available on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Android, iOS, and the OUYA console. Pretty much everything this side of a toaster.

bubble struggle adventures will be available for multiple platforms

How to Play

Control the character using keyboard or a joypad/controller, to avoid and pop the bubbles. As the game progresses you will solve puzzles, meet helpful characters, open doors, find new weapons, pop some more bubbles, zip-line to safety, skate over the ice…

bubble struggle adventures Bubblegum level

Level editor

  • Players will be able to create and publish their own levels
  • Distribute your own level sets as mini games.
  • Create a challenge for your friends only
  • Lock your custom levels with a unique code
  • Set your creations pubic
  • Each level set will have a dedicated Highscore list for competition

Bubble Struggle: Adventures is not a prototype concept but an expansion of a previous concept already proven to work. With your help, it can become a game everyone can play, compete with other players, and create your own in-game challenges. Make sure to vote for Bubble Struggle: Adventures on Steam Greenlight.

Also, this is not a “fund the last period of development before game is released anyways” project. This Kickstarter campaign is an “all or nothing” shot at making something really great. With a relatively short turn-around time for a final release, estimated to be  March 2015 to all backers.


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