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Legends DLC adds to Symphony of War

legends dlc adds to symphony of war: the nephilim saga game on linux and steam deck via proton with windows pc

Legends DLC adds to Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga on Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Thanks to Dancing Dragon Games for their amazing work and support. Available on both Steam and GOG with 98% Very Positive reviews.

Let’s dive into the world of Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga. Since you are in command of a team, navigating strategic challenges and face unique and captivating stories on Linux and Steam Deck. Due to piecing together an elaborate puzzle. The developers at Dancing Dragon and the publishers at Freedom Games have expanded this universe with the Legends DLC.

The Legends DLC adds more content and layers, but it’s not just any random content. This is content that fans asked for! Since it brings eight new chapters to the table. These chapters dive deeper into the tales of characters like Antares, Barnabas, and Jaromir.

But that’s not all! The Legends DLC introduces 13 novel unit classes. While adding different characters or roles you can choose from when strategizing. Consider the Dark Mage who specializes in ominous spells. While the Necromancer raises the dead, or the War Cat – a fierce beast on the battlefield.

Now, after you finish the main story, you’ll have the chance to collect Memory Fragments. Think of these like coins or rewards, which you can then use to bring back some of your previous allies and tools, kind of like calling on old friends for a new adventure.

The Legends DLC Launch Trailer

One of the best features of Legends DLC? The introduction of necromancy. This dark art lets you dabble with the line between life and death. You can gather Unlife Energy whenever you deal damage or reduce an opponent’s health. Due to let you to cultivate an army of undead soldiers. These undead allies? They’re loyal and follow your every command.

As you navigate through this Legends DLC, you’ll find countless opportunities to tweak your strategy. Due to try out different combinations, and challenge yourself until your opponents yield. Letting you experiment endlessly to ensure you always defeat enemies.

Whether you speak English, French, German, or any of the other supported languages, it’s got you covered.

The Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga tactical RPG new content is available on both Steam and GOG. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.50 / 9,99€. Along with Proton support for both Linux and Steam Deck, via Windows PC.

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