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Legends of Castile a unique story in Spain

legends of castile a unique point and click adventure game for linux mac windows pc

Legends of Castile a unique point and click adventure game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. This is the result of the talented minds behind Torrezno Entertainment. Due to release on Steam in 2023.

Legends of Castile is a point and click adventure game featuring an original fantasy / comedy story. One that also takes place in Spain in the region called Castile, in the 19th century. Where a series of traditional legends about folk creatures take place.

In Legends of Castile follows María, a young village Castilian girl, who after a long night, saw a vision of the Virgin Mary. Well at least that she thought. So now, she wants to become a nun at a convent in Burgos. As a result, to become a nun, her mother superior assigns her a mission. She has to has to search out the mythological folk creatures of Castile. Find out if they are real, and collect an item of each of them. Doing so in order for the bishop to take action against them. Since they are a threat to Castile and Christianity.

Legends of Castile short Trailer

In Legends of Castile, you will be able to advance in the story by solving integrated riddles / puzzles. While meeting all kinds of characters. Defeating mythological folk creatures with your wit. Then explore places around Castile.


  • An original story with mythological creatures, witches, humor, and puzzles.
  • Female main character.
  • Classic frame by frame 12 fps animation.
  • Inventory which can hold 15 items at the same time.
  • Not too explicit references to the adventure game classics.
  • Humor in Legends of Castile is inspired by Monkey Island, Discworld, and The Day of the Tentacle games.
  • More than 30 characters and creatures to interact with.
  • More than 30 hand drawn environments, drawn on paper and colored digitally.
  • Texts in English and Spanish languages.
  • No panel/mechanical exogenous adventure puzzles (guaranteed!).
  • context sensitive three verb coin interface.
  • Resolve puzzles in parallel while you discover legends of the oral tradition from Castile.

While the final touches of the game Demo are still underway. The pending Steam page is finally live after a long wait. You might think that this is not a big deal, but this is very important to the dreams of a solo developer.

Legends of Castile a unique point and click adventure game is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The release will be late 2023. But you can Wishlist the game on Steam.

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