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Legends of Castile demo is out now

legends of castile point and click fantasy story game gets a demo for linux mac windows pc

Legends of Castile point and click fantasy story game gets a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the work and dedication of developer Torrezno Entertainment. Available to try on both Steam and itch.

If you ever want to venture into far-off lands, intriguing mysteries, and characters that are a little bit quirky. Similar to the classics like “The Curse of Monkey Island” or “Broken Sword”. Since these point and click fantasy story adventures take you away to another world, similar to Legends of Castile.

You can dive right into the Legends of Castile with a free game demo that has a Linux build. It’s a sneak peek into the world of Castile. This sample has it all – a taste of the storyline, a bit of humor, and your first challenge, a puzzle that sets the stage for your upcoming journey. Since this sample is made to ease you in. No crazy plot twists or steep difficulty curve, just a great start to your adventure.

Just recently, Torrezno released a new trailer. The folks behind this point and click fantasy story adventure pulled out all the stops to make it shine. Doing so with the sound design by Maxim Grachev, the fantastic music by Grzegorz Drozdowski, to the voice overs by Duffy Weber. They even received some tips from Derek Lieu, a pro at making trailers.

Legends of Castile – Point and click adventure Trailer

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s the Legends of Castile story all about? It takes place in Castile, Spain, in the 19th century. A world where folk tales come to life, complete with mythical creatures that you can challenge with your wit.

At the heart of this adventure is María, a Castilian girl who’s as brave as she is clumsy. Fresh with a vision of the Virgin Mary, she’s has a newfound ambition – to become a nun. But it’s not that simple. She has a mission from the future mother superior: to prove the existence of the mythical creatures that threaten their land. And thus begins her adventure in the Legends of Castile.

Give it a shot, you might just find your next big adventure in the Legends of Castile. Also, if you have thoughts, feedback, or just want to share how good the demo was? The devs are listening. You can drop your thoughts right on the game’s page, or take it to Twitter.

Worried about the language? The Legends of Castile demo is available in English, Spanish, and French. And yes, whether you’re on Linux, Mac, or Windows PC, you’re good. Available to try on both Steam and itch.

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