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Legends of Castile hits Steam Next Fest

legends of castile exclusive new game Demo is now in steam next fest on for linux mac and windows pc

Legends of Castile exclusive new game Demo is now in Steam Next Fest for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to Torrezno Entertainment for their amazing support and dedication. Available for all to play on Steam.

Dive into the world of Spanish folklore with Legends of Castile, debuting on Steam Next Fest. This isn’t just any Demo; it’s an enhanced game that also promises to offer you more than its predecessor.

What’s New?

  • Voice Acting: If you thought your favorite characters sounded great in your head, wait until you hear them live! The English and Spanish versions have gotten voice overs. Big thanks to the stellar team of voice artists! Here’s who’s behind the Legends of Castile, characters:
    • English Voices:
      • Maya Murphy is the voice behind María de Salazar.
      • Andy Mack gives life to Manolo (ojaranco) and doubles as the narrator!
      • Katie Aitken portrays Juana the witch.
      • And Duffy Weber? He’s the voice for the quirky Lil Enemies in Legends of Castile,.
    • Spanish Voices:
      • Ana Dramas lends her voice to María de Salazar.
      • Sergi Carles (known from TodoJingles) is the voice behind Manolo (ojaranco) and the narrator.
      • Lulu McDonald and Kunda da Silva voice Juana the witch and “los enemiguillos” respectively.
  • Language Updates: The French translation also gets a makeover. The people at DMT Rétro Gaming also make sure it’s on point.
  • User Interface (UI) Tweaks: Have you ever been frustrated with how to view objects? No more! Hover over an item and a look icon will pop up. All you have to do is click. Also, expect some unique changes to the main menu.
  • Bug Fixes: Those pesky glitches users reported in the earlier version? Fixed! If you spot anything else or want to dive deeper into the world of Legends of Castile, there’s a Discord community waiting for you.

Steam Next Fest and Legends of Castile

The core of Steam Next Fest is about game demos and finding new titles to add to your library. It’s also an open invitation to step into the world of Legends of Castile and see if it catches your attention. Just be sure to Wishlist it if you like it!

On the evenings of October 11th and 13th at 20:00 CEST, there’s a developer event. The creator of Legends of Castile will be streaming and answering your burning questions. So if you have something you’re curious about? Use the hashtag #AskMeAboutLegendsOfCastile on Twitter.

Supported languages are English, Spanish, and French. So whether you’re on a Linux, Mac, or Windows PC, Legends of Castile has got you covered.

Diving into the World

The story takes place in 19th century Spain, specifically in the region called Castile. This isn’t your typical historical setting. Since folk tales and myths come to life. So, as you journey, you’ll solve mysteries, interact with diverse characters, and outwit legendary creatures.

María is our hero. Also a spirited yet slightly clumsy young girl from Castile. She believes she’s had a divine vision and is due to join a convent. But, becoming a nun isn’t straightforward. She’s handed a quest: investigate Castilian mythological beings, gather an item from each, and prove they’re a threat. Can she do it? Well, that’s where you step in!

So, if you’re up for an adventure where history meets folklore, the Legends of Castile Demo is worth playing. Also available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Available to all on Steam.

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