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Leisure Suit Larry HD release delayed until early 2013

We will be waiting a bit longer for HD

Leisure Suit Larry HD release delayed until early 2013

Recently a remake of the popular adventure game Leisure Suit Larry was up on Kickstarter and ended up being successfully funded for development. You may remember some of the posts where we talked about this remake which will be called Leisure Suit Larry HD.

If the funding was successful the game was slated for release on as many platforms as the developers, Replay Studios, can get it on including Android. Since funding ended and it was very successful, it will be coming to Android among a plethora of other platforms. The only problem is that we will be waiting a bit longer to actually play the game then originally planned.

Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe has posted an update about the game’s development stating that the release has been pushed to sometime in early 2013. Originally Leisure Suit Larry HD was slated for a release sometime in October 2012. So what is the reason for the delay? Well it is actually a good reason.

The delay is being caused by the additional content that Replay Studios is adding to the game. The additional content is thanks to all the backers of the Kickstarter project that made the funding surpass the original $500,000 goal by over $150,000. Some things being added to the game include “more rooms, another girl, and all new dialogue”. So while we may have to wait a bit longer it will be worth it since we will be getting a bigger game.



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