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Lem Update releases for grand strategy Stellaris

lem update releases for grand strategy game stellaris on linux mac windows pc

Lem Update releases for grand strategy game Stellaris on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Paradox Development Studio. Along with a Free Weekend and massive discount on Steam.

Paradox Interactive, a developer and publisher of star struck games. That just released the “Lem Update” for Stellaris. This free add-on brings new content to the original game. And also several of its expansions. The Stellaris base game will be available for free to play through the weekend. Plus a massive discount for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

So, to celebrate this release, Paradox has partnered with the Polish Science Fiction Foundation. Due to praise the 100th birthday of Stanisław Lem. Including in-game content directly inspired by the author’s catalog. Check out the new trailer for this update below!

Stellaris | 3.1 Update Trailer | Free Weekend

“From the works of science fiction authors around the world to revisit our own past ideas. Our insight comes from many places, and we continually find new stories we want to tell with Stellaris,” said Daniel Moregård, Game Director for Stellaris. “This patch gave us a unique opportunity. As well: this year marks the 100th birthday of Stanisław Lem. A Polish science fiction writer whose stories have been a great vision for the Stellaris team. In addition to some direct references to Lem’s work within the game for observant fans. The Lem update refreshes and renews the content that our fans have enjoyed. Doing so throughout the history of Stellaris.”

Named for renowned Polish sci-fi writer Stanisław Lem. The Lem Update is the first release from the newly formed Custodians Team. Doing so right within the Paradox Development Studio. The Custodians team is focused on creating free content. Including further balance and updates for Stellaris. While improving both the base game as well as current DLC content.

The Lem Update adds new content and gameplay features to Stellaris, including:

  • Custom Tradition Trees, allowing you to choose which trees you wish to pursue
  • For the Plantoids Species Pack, 2 new civics and 3 new species traits:
    • The Idyllic Bloom civic (limited to either plantoid or fungoid species). Due to let you construct Gaia Seeder buildings.
    • The Catalytics Processing Civic, available to hiveminds and non-hiveminds. Exchanges Metallurgists for Catalytic Technicians. These technicians turn Energy Credits into Alloys. And it also works with machines and Lithoids.
  • Players who own the Humanoids Species Pack gain the option to raise a mighty clone army. So you can create an empire of artisan Master Crafters. Or maybe guide an empire driven by the pure purpose of Pleasure Seekers.
  • The Reanimated Armies civic has been Renamed to Reanimators in Lem Update. Exclusive to Necroids players. Now one can embrace the afterlife with more dynamic choices for reviving targets. Including the ability to reanimate leviathans. As well as enemy troops during battle.
  • New tradition trees have been added to both the Nemesis and Apocalypse DLCs. As well as a new mercantile tradition in the base game. On top of that, players may also choose 7 trees from up to 11 traditional trees (with all DLC).
    • Owners of Nemesis will get access to the Subterfuge Tradition Tree. Which grants bonuses if you succeed at, or your enemies fail at a spying op.
    • Owners of Apocalypse will get access to the Unyielding Tradition Tree. Which also vastly increases the skills of their defensive starbases.

    3.1 lem update details for stellaris

    Game Balance and Bugfixes:

    • Major updates to the game balance. Including a revamp to Ascension Perks, Civics, Ethics, and Origins.
    • Tons of bugfixes and several AI upgrades. Due to improving the overall quality of Stellaris.

All of these additions come to both the Stellaris base game and expansions. All are part of the free Lem Update. For a full list of changes, see the patch notes here.

Stellaris is free to play this weekend on Steam. Also, receive a 75% discount on the base game ($9.99 USD). While most of the DLC’s are 50% off as well. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.
Or you can just pay the regular price of $39.99 USD on GOG, Paradox Store, or Humble Store. All offering builds for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

For more information on Stellaris, please visit the official website.