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Lethal Lawns will bring a competitive gore

lethal lawns will bring a competitive gore to linux mac windows in steam games

Lethal Lawns: Competitive Mowing BLOODSPORT is a competitive games of gore, coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Since are keen to announce coming to Steam, March 30th on Steam. Something we are looking forward to for some time. However, I was hoping for something involving weed wackers, alas.

So Australian developers Dime Studios will make Lethal Lawns official. Hence their absurd party game with new local multiplayer. Where players face off in a vicious bloodsport of Competitive Lawn Mowing. Which is coming to Steam for $4.99 USD.

Lethal Lawns combines the relaxation of gardening outdoors. All with the hyper gratuitous violence of a gladiatorial bloodsport.

Players push lawn mowers around arenas. Fighting to mow grass and mow each other. Trying to kill each other by mowing the character at the back of the push mowers.

There’s a tight bounce-n-joust gameplay dynamic. Since players bump their mowers into each other. Attempting to out-maneuver their opponent and hit their character.

Players win by mowing grass or killing opponents, with the rules changing depending on the selected game mode.

Lethal Lawns competitive Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Bounce-n-Joust with your opponents to outmanoeuvre them and mow them down, or ram them into hazards to knock them out of the game.
  • 5 Unique Arenas that change up the layout of the lawns, and the ways to kill each other.
  • 4 Game Modes with different victory conditions to keep the party going and the gameplay fresh.
  • So Much Blood… you won’t be able to see by the end.
  • Customizable Gameplay Options to experiment with in different combinations, so you and your buddies can find the most fun way for you all to play.
  • Multiple Ways to Play the 2-8 local multiplayer with sharable gamepads, split keyboard and AI, for when you don’t have any friends around… or when you have too many.

At launch, Lethal Lawns will feature 4 game modes to play in 5 arenas. Each with their own unique layouts and hazards, with more content to follow.

While Lethal Lawns supports singleplayer against A.I. The gameplay is best enjoyed as a chaotic addition to your local multiplayer get together. Where the players can experiment with the different modes, rules and arenas.” Since the games coming to Steam, March 30th

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