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Let’s! Revolution! a roguelite puzzle mix

let's! revolution! roguelite puzzle mashup game is coming to linux via steam deck with mac and windows pc

Let’s! Revolution! roguelite puzzle mashup game is coming to Linux via Steam Deck with Mac and Windows PC. This is the outcome of the hard work by the talented developers at BUCK and the creative minds at Antfood. Due to release on Steam soon.

There’s an interesting new title coming called Let’s! Revolution!. It’s the result of the talented animation studio BUCK. This new release is a mix of puzzle and adventure, and it’s coming on July 19, 2023.

In Let’s! Revolution!, you’ll be exploring different maps that are like board games. But be careful, because there are hidden traps and enemies lurking around. Your goal is to defeat the king and save the beautiful world of Beebom from destruction. So to do that, you’ll need to use your brain and come up with clever strategies. Sometimes luck will also play a role in your success.

One of the unique things about Let’s! Revolution! is its amazing artwork. The animation studio, BUCK, has drawn and animated this coming release with so much care. The world of Beebom looks like it’s straight out of a Ghibli movie. While each province has its own unique look and sound. You’ll visit places like the noble desert of Phlox. Also the magical jungles of Cymbidium and the floating islands of Saffron. This title is full of beautiful sights and sounds that will make you feel like you’re really there.

Let’s! Revolution! Release Date Announcement Trailer

Oh, and let’s not forget about the music! Let’s! Revolution! also features original music created by a talented studio Antfood. The soundtrack is cozy and magical, just like the release itself. It will make your adventure even deeper and enjoyable.

As you progress in the roguelite puzzle mashup game, you’ll be able to play different characters from different lands. Each character has their own special abilities and skills. So you’ll need to come up with different strategies and solutions to beat the tests you’ll face. It’s all about using your brain and thinking creatively.

Let’s! Revolution! will be available on Steam. Players can also download and play on Mac and Windows PC. And here’s some exciting news: the game will also be compatible with the Linux powered Steam Deck. So you can take on the adventure with you wherever you go.

Get ready for an incredible roguelite puzzle mashup in Let’s! Revolution!. It’s full of beautiful artwork, magical music, and brain teasing challenges. Mark your calendars for July 19, 2023 for the release. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam. Due to offering Linux support via Steam Deck, thanks to Proton.

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